Our cheese makers

Our cheesemakers work with great passion to create the perfect cheeses of the highest consistent quality. We do this at two locations in the Netherlands where innovation and sustainability come together in the craft of cheese making.

In Katwoude near the farm of the Willig family is the traditional cheese factory where our baby cheeses are produced in a sustainable way. The milk from the cows is brought directly to the cheese dairy through underground pipes.

In Heerenveen we have built a new modern cheese dairy. Here, advanced and innovative techniques come together with the craft of cheese making. Because in order to produce premium cheese, the craftsmanship of our cheese makers remains essential. It was a conscious decision not to replace everything with modern technology; our silk flow and banding rollers, for example, are applied to the cheese one by one by hand. In this way, every cheese has our full attention before it leaves our cheese factory.