A cheese loving family

A cheese loving family. The Willig family has set up an exclusive cheese line, each with their own personal favorite. All unique in taste, made from the highest quality cow's, - goat's, - and sheep's milk. The cheeses are naturally matured for several months on wooden planks. Special because of the unique look that is engraved one by one. Specially made for special moments, made to share.

Discover our family cheeses

A cheese loving family

Henri Willig's organic cheeses

Henri Willig's organic cheeses are made exclusively from whole milk from our dairy farms. Organic cheeses of the highest quality goat's, sheep's and cow's milk without unnecessary additives. The offer is very varied, all with a full and unique taste experience.

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Henri Willig's organic cheeses

Regular cheeses

Cow cheese

A rich assortment of different cow cheeses. Henri Willig offers a complete range of Gouda cheese, 48+ and 50+ full fat half hard cheese, which is ripened to different ages and flavours. In addition, you can come to us for a wide range of herbal cheeses and changing seasonal cheeses.

Goat cheese

Henri Willig started the Gouda-style goat's cheese in 1974. Our award-winning goat's cheese is known for its mild and creamy taste. Besides the regular ripenings we have goat's cheeses in different herbal flavors. An example of this is the unique Henri Willig goat's cheese Lavender.

Sheep cheese

Henri Willig's Gouda-style sheep's cheese is a rare product and highly recommended to complete the range. Our two top quality sheep's cheeses are the Sheep Mild, a young sheep's cheese, and the Black Sheep Aged which has matured naturally for at least 10 months.