Henri Willig, Specialist Cheese Maker

Henri Willig is a maker of Dutch cheese specialities, the most well-known of which is Baby Gouda. Goat's cheese, sheep's cheese and organic cheese are examples of specialities made from our own recipes. Henri Willig develops his own cheese products in his own cheese factory and exports cheese to over 30 countries.

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Traditional Quality

Henri Willig's cheeses have been produced, packaged and delivered in-house since 1974. Our dedicated cheese makers use traditional cheese-making processes and the final product undergoes rigorous quality checks before it makes its way to the store. Henri Willig's cheeses can also be bought at Henri Willig cheese farms, which are visited by over one million national and international tourists every year.

Our brands: Henri Willig, Hooidammer en Polderkaas

Henri Willig's cheeses are sold under three different brand names: Henri Willig, Hooidammer and Polderkaas. The most well-known Henri Willig cheeses are the exclusive 'baby cheeses' in their brightly coloured packaging, such as Baby Gouda 48+. Polderkaas is a typically Dutch quality cheese available in specialist stores and supermarkets in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries. Hooidammer is an original Dutch organic cheese made exclusively for eco shops.

Our cheese dairy

In order to meet the demand by Dutch and international customers, our production facility in Heerenveen produces thousands of cheeses each day. In addition to the regular varieties of Dutch, baby and organic cheeses, such specialties as Polderkaas, Polderkaas Biologisch and Hooidammer are made.

Henri Willig produces, packages and supplies to wholesalers and shops in over 30 countries. The cheese farms also make cheese for the many visitors from all over the world, just like it all started forty years ago in the Jacobs Hoeve farm in Katwoude.  


The Henri Willig cheese specialities have received many awards during international competitions.


Nantwich Cheese Awards Engeland

Polderkaas sheep cheese extra old

  Beste schapen kaas

Nantwich Cheese Awards Engeland

Pure Gold

  Beste Hollandse kaas


Nantwich Cheese Awards England

Best Organic Cheese Specialty

  Biological Gouda old

Nantwich Cheese Awards England

Regular Goat cheese with additives

  Polder cheese gold goat cheese extra old


World Cheese Awards England

Semi-hard Regular Goat Cheese

  Polder cheese gold goat cheese extra old


Kaesiade Tirol Austria

Regular Goat cheese

  Polder Cheese Gold Goat Cheese Extra Old


Nantwich Cheese Awards England

Regular Goat cheese with additives

  Polder cheese Blanc Goat cheese Fenugreek

Global Cheese Awards England

Regular Goat cheese with additives

  Polder cheese Blanc Goat cheese Fenugreek

Global Cheese Awards England

Best Organic Cheese

  Organic Cow cheese Green Pesto

Henri Willig's Cheese Farms

Henri Willig's cheeses are world renowned. Every year, over one million people visit one of the three Henri Willig farms to witness the traditional cheese-making process themselves. The cheese-making demonstration and cheese tasting are popular attractions thanks to the authentic, traditional setting in farms of the Dutch province of Noord-Holland.

Henri Willig's Cheese Stores

Henri Willig's cheese stores in Amsterdam, Delft and Edam offer an exclusive range of Henri Willig cheese products. These farm stores also sell aged cheeses from our own cheese making plants, delicacies and wine as well as gifts and kitchen utensils, such as cheese graters, cheese boards and fondue sets. 

Specialty Cheese Shop Edam
Amsterdams Kaashuis
The Kaaskelder Amsterdam
Kaaswaag Edam
Henri Willig Warmoesstraat Amsterdam
Henri Willig Delft
Henri Willig Singel Amsterdam

Cheese & More by Henri Willig
Are you looking for a luxury cheese gift or a traditional Dutch product? Then be sure to visit Cheese & More by Henri Willig in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Delft.

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