Henri Willig business

Henri Willig cheese has been your premium cheese partner since 1974. We deliver our cheeses all over the world, check out our business offer and get inspired. We are ready to help you further.


Henri Willig is a Dutch family business and has been making honest and distinctive cheese specialties since 1974. With an eye for high quality and the same level of passion, we supply smaller batches of cheese for specialty stores and larger batches of cheese for high-end supermarkets and wholesalers.

We also supply handcrafted Christmas gifts 

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Inspiring the world with Henri Willig cheese

Henri Willig is a company dedicated to inspiring the world. We express this in our own stores, experiences and, increasingly, with our customers who endorse our core values. We like to invest in sustainable cooperation with our worldwide partners. That way we help each other, because cheese is made to be shared.

We do this with passion, authenticity, hospitality, innovation and sustainability throughout the chain.


Recognition Henri Willig

The Henri Willig cheese specialities have received many awards during international competitions.