Sinterklaas cheese: the original treat for Sinterklaas

By: Henri Willig
, 30 nov 2023

Sinterklaas is around the corner again and that means cosiness, presents and of course... treats! This year at Henri Willig, we are introducing a unique twist on a traditional favourite: the Sinterklaas cheese. Forget the standard chocolate letters; it's time for a Sinterklaas letter made of cheese!

Sinterklaas letter made of cheese: a new tradition

When we think of Sinterklaas, we often think of sweets. But why not introduce something savoury? A Sinterklaas cheese letter is not only original, but also a delicious treat for the cheese lovers among us. Imagine your initials carved out of a creamy, delicious cheese. Now that is a festive surprise!

How to make a Sinterklaas letter out of cheese?

  • Choose your cheese: Select your favourite firm cheese that cuts well, such as an old goat's cheese or a piece of old cow's cheese.
  • Letter shapes: Use a template of the letter you want and carefully cut the cheese into this shape. If you don't have a template, cut slices of your cheese and place them in the desired letter! For an extra festive effect, use different types of cheese to make multiple letters.
  • Creative presentation: Place the Sinterklaas letter made of cheese on a nice cheese board and decorate with nuts, fruit or a matching cheese dip for a festive look.

Unique Sinterklaas cheese recipes

Besides the classic cheese letter, you can also use Sinterklaas cheese to prepare creative recipes. Think of a savoury Saint Nicholas cake or filled speculaas with a cheese filling and small cheese letters for decoration. For the Sinterklaas cheese letter, be inspired by our special Sinterklaas cheese recipe.

Why choose a cheese letter Sinterklaas?

  • Original: Surprise your guests or family with something unique
  • Versatile: Cheese letters can be used both as a snack and in dishes
  • Festive: Cheese in the shape of a letter gives a festive touch to your Sinterklaas evening

Sinterklaas cheese is a great way to give the traditional holiday a new twist. Try a Sinterklaas letter made of cheese this year and make your Sinterklaas celebration an unforgettable experience!

Is this article already making you hungry?

Check out Henri Willig's delicious recipes below.

Sinterklaas cheese board

5 pers
15 min

Make it a party this Saint Nicholas with a gourmet cheeseboard! A perfect cheese board for young and old alike.  In the theme of Sinterklaas, we made a sinterklaas cheese letter but as a drinks board and here's how to make it: Take a nice board and put the different types of cheese on it.  Put the cheese in an S shape on the board. We used the beautiful yellow Gouda&cheese for the letter.  Place the dips between the cheeses and spread the nuts on the board. Further complete the board with some toasts or crackers and fig bread or fruit bread. Add some raw vegetables such as carrots, for example. Especially choose your own favourites! Sprinkle some nice sprinkles in between for that real Saint Nicholas feeling and don't forget the speculaas. Make sure the cheeses are at room temperature before serving.

Beetroot salad with goat cheese

1 pers
25 min

This delicious fresh beetroot salad is delicious all year round! Ideal as a side dish or a healthy tasty lunch  Tip: Use gloves when handling cooked beetroot. This will keep your hands clean! Cook the beets about 20 minutes in water. Let the beets cool and remove the outer layer (skin).  Cut the cooked beets into cubes or slices. Mix the beets with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a salad bowl. Season further with salt and pepper if necessary.  Coarsely chop the walnuts and sprinkle them over the beets. Add the rocket. Cut, curl or shave the goat cheese and garnish over the beet salad.