Putting together the perfect cheeseboard: which cheeses shouldn't be missed?

By: Henri Willig
26 jul 2023
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Putting together a cheese board is an art in itself. A cheese cocktail board suits every occasion: from festive gatherings to intimate get-togethers. A well-crafted cheese board offers different flavours, textures and aromas that excite the senses and pamper guests. Whether you are a cheese lover or just looking for a delicious addition to your drinks board, a well-chosen range of cheeses will always impress.

The basics of a tasty cheeseboard

A good start is half the battle, and the same goes for putting together a cheese board. Make sure you choose a diverse selection of cheeses to offer a wide range of flavours. A typical cheese board often contains four to six different cheeses. Here are some suggestions to get your cheese board off to a flying start:

Young cheese: Choose a young cheese, such as our baby Gouda cheeses. These cheeses are wonderfully creamy and mild in flavour, perfect for anyone who loves a soft cheese.

Aged cheese: Add an aged goat cheese such as the Glorious Goat, Henri's own favourite. An aged cheese has a characteristic full flavour and firm texture, ideal for those who love a more intense cheese.

Old cheese: For true cheese lovers, our award-winning organic old cow cheese cannot be missed. An aged cheese is rich in flavour and has a crumbly texture. This makes it a treat for anyone who loves a tangy cheese.

Refined additions for your cheeseboard

Besides an assortment of cheeses, there are some delicious additions that will take your cheeseboard to the next level. Here are a few suggestions:

Cheese dips: Add the flavourful and versatile cheese dips to your cheese board. These are perfect for sharing during get-togethers and parties. The variations in flavours are ideal for combining with different types of cheese and snacks.

Nuts and seeds: Opt for a mix of nuts and seeds, such as peanuts, cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts and pecans. These add a crunchy texture and contain healthy fats that go well with the creaminess of cheeses.

Fresh fruit: Slice some juicy grapes, slices of juicy pears, or fresh figs to add a sweet and fresh note to your cheeseboard. The fruit perfectly complements the rich flavours of the cheeses.

Bread and crackers: Serve a selection of crusty baguettes, crackers or fig bread and lump bread. These delicious carbohydrate-rich options provide the perfect base to spread the cheeses on.

The key to a perfectly served cheese board

When putting together a delicious cheese board, it is not only important to choose the right cheeses, but also to have the right cheese knives to serve them perfectly. Good cheese boards and cheese slicers should also not be missing. There are different types of tools, each designed for specific cheeses. With the right tools, you will not only add a touch of elegance to a cheese board, but also ensure that guests enjoy the cheeses to the fullest.

A cheese cocktail board: a feast for every foodie

Whether you make a drinks cheese board for a cosy evening with friends or a fancy cheese board for a special occasion, with the right cheeses and additions it will be a true culinary treat! With Henri Willig, you are assured of quality cheeses that will take your cheeseboard to the next level. Try different combinations and discover your perfect cheeseboard for any occasion.


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The perfect cheeseboard: something for everyone

4 pers
20 min

A drinks board with quite a bit of variety! Indeed, on this board we have used young, old and smoked cheese, and that from cow's milk, sheep's milk and goat's milk.  Cut the cheeses into different shapes. Here we chose for strips, cubes, dots and wedges.  The herb garlic cheese is cut into strips. This works best if you cut the cheese in half first. Then make slices and turn these slices into the strips.  We cut the fenugreek cheese into cubes. In doing so, we cut out a piece where you can put the cubes between. And when the cubes are finished, you can just cut another piece off, of course! You can cut the old sheep's cheese into slices along the side. because the piece&cheese is cut from a larger wheel,&you get those nice long slices of cheese.  Smoked goat cheese is cylindrical and by cutting it lengthwise and then also cutting the halves again, you get long strips that you can then cut into smaller wedges. Divide the cheese between your shelf, and top it with the crackers, nuts and cheese salts. This shelf also has apple segments and we have chosen 2 tasty mustards that taste good with the cheese.  The plank is ready, time to enjoy! 

Spicy cheeseboard

4 pers
20 min

A tasty spicy cheese board!  Cut the baguette into very thin slices. Mix 3 tablespoons of peanut oil with the grated garlic clove, add some salt. Coat the baguette slices with this and bake crispy in the oven. Assume about 6 minutes per side under the grill. It can also be done on hot air at 200 degrees. But be careful because they can burn quickly. In the meantime, cut the cheese into strips and cubes and prepare the cheese board nicely.  Take a slice of serrano ham and a slice of goat cheese with truffle put this on the sandwich. Grate some of the red chilli cheese, chop 10 Taggia olives and mix together. Cut the puff pastry slices into 4 equal strands. Sprinkle the cheese-olive mixture on top and sprinkle with the sesame seeds. Bake at 200 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes in the oven. garnish with the tomatoes, grapes and remaining olives And enjoy this delicious snack, a spicy cheese board!  Evelien from @gezelligerecepten, thank you for this beautiful and above all tasty cheese board!