The perfect cheeseboard: something for everyone

  • Cheese Platters
  • Young Cheese
    Old Cheese
    Smoked Cheese
  • 6 pers
  • 20 min


  • Young cow's cheese Herb-garlic
  • Young cow's cheese Fenugreek
  • Old sheep's cheese
  • Smoked goat's cheese
  • Smoked nut mix
  • Black pepper & sea salt crackers
  • Organic cheese salts
  • Apple in segments
  • Traditional mustard
  • Peppadew mustard

A drinks board with quite a bit of variety!

Indeed, on this board we have used young, old and smoked cheese, and that from cow's milk, sheep's milk and goat's milk. 

Cut the cheeses into different shapes. Here we chose for strips, cubes, dots and wedges. 

The herb garlic cheese is cut into strips. This works best if you cut the cheese in half first. Then make slices and turn these slices into the strips. 

We cut the fenugreek cheese into cubes. In doing so, we cut out a piece where you can put the cubes between. And when the cubes are finished, you can just cut another piece off, of course!

You can cut the old sheep's cheese into slices along the side. because the piece&cheese is cut from a larger wheel,&you get those nice long slices of cheese. 

Smoked goat cheese is cylindrical and by cutting it lengthwise and then also cutting the halves again, you get long strips that you can then cut into smaller wedges.

Divide the cheese between your shelf, and top it with the crackers, nuts and cheese salts. This shelf also has apple segments and we have chosen 2 tasty mustards that taste good with the cheese. 

The plank is ready, time to enjoy! 

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