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See for example our range of cow cheese, sheep cheese and goat cheese. After making millions of cheese fans from both home and abroad happy with the delicious cheeses in our physical stores and winning international awards with his extra old goat cheese, for example, he now brings his assortment to you online!
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Wide range of cheese

Discover our diverse assortment full of flavorful surprises. From our delicious cow cheese, sheep cheese and goat cheese to other unique cheese creations, we have something delicious for everyone. Let us take you on a delicious journey through our world of cheese.

Baby cheeses

Still every day in the cheese factories in Katwoude and Heerenveen fresh cheeses are prepared according to a special process and then briefly matured. The baby cheeses are small cheeses of 380 grams. Our artisanal Gouda cheese and Edam cheese, among others, are produced in Katwoude. Henri Willig's Gouda cheese is a world-famous cheese. Without any added spices, this cow's milk cheese with its creamy flavor has not changed since it was first produced centuries ago. Edam cheese, on the other hand, is known worldwide for its red rind and somewhat spicy aroma.
Ever since 1974, Henri Willig has been producing artisanal premium Dutch cheeses in its own cheese dairies in Katwoude and Heerenveen. With passion and love, cheeses and other specialties are prepared here every day that are distinctive in taste and quality. This quality is guaranteed by the principle 'from land to customer'.
In addition to these world-famous cheeses, Henri Willig also produces a variety of other baby cheeses made from cow's milk, goat's milk and sheep's milk. These cheeses, packaged in the characteristic brightly colored packaging, have a variety of flavors. From cheese with herbs and garlic to truffle and from coconut to honey thyme, Henri Willig has it in its assortment.
In addition, as mentioned, Henri Willig has organic cow's milk cheeses made from Jersey milk in its assortment. These cheeses, with a natural, truffle and garlic flavor, have a higher protein content due to the Jersey milk. This makes the cheese much creamier and richer in flavor. The milk from our Jersey cows are also naturally enriched with vitamins, minerals and carotene.
The taste of each baby cheese is an experience in itself and together they complete any dish. For example, try making a pepper cheese burger, a delicious risotto with baby sheep cheese, fresh salads, warm cheese sticks or the Dutch sandwich.

Cheese wheels

Little baby cheeses not big enough? Of course, we totally understand that! That's why we also have large cheese wheels in our assortment. These cheese wheels weigh about 4.5 kilograms and are available in different flavors.
Smoked cheese
Henri Willig smoked cheeses are a true delicacy. These cheeses are prepared in a special way: first a Gouda cheese or goat's cheese is melted. Then it is smoked in a smokehouse on real beech wood. This gives the cheese its traditional flavor and traditional brown rind. The smoked cheeses are available in several varieties: with herbs or spicy Spanish jalapeño, as well as from goat's milk. They complete fresh salads or dishes with roasted vegetables!

Cheese pieces

In addition to the baby and smoked cheeses in their typical shape, Henri Willig also has cheese pieces. These are pieces of cheese that are cut off of large cheese wheels. Two of these cheeses are organic: the organic young Gouda cow's cheese and the organic green pesto cow's cheese. Our red pesto cheese is also offered in a point piece. And have you tried goat cheese with lavender? You've come to the right place for that.
Furthermore, Henri Willig has several aged cheeses in its assortment. These cheeses, made from cow's milk, goat's milk or sheep's milk, are renowned for their structure. They are aged for at least a year, making them a bit harder but still creamy. The extra aged goat cheese, for example, was named the best aged cheese in the world at the World Cheese Championships in Madison, Wisconsin, due to its hardness. Aged cheeses complete your cheeseboard but are also delicious on a warm baguette, as a snack with red wine or in a pumpkin pie.

Spreading cheese

Do you prefer a creamy, spreadable cheese? Then our cheese spread natural or with French herbs is for you. A delight on warm, toasted bread or on the cheese board with pico's.
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