Family line combination cow/goat/sheep

This deluxe combination set includes the 5 award-winning family line flavors. 

-Glorious Goat: The award-winning Glorious Goat was selected by Henri Willig as his favorite goat cheese. The PGI-certified Dutch goat cheese is creamy and full of flavor with a spicy hint. 
-Pure Perfection: The Pure Perfection was selected by Riet Willig. A rich cow cheese with a strong character complemented with salt crystals. 
-Pure Gold: The award-winning Pure Gold was selected by Wiebe Willig as his favorite cow cheese. Naturally matured for several months and therefore intensely rich in flavor with a sweet undertone. For endless combinations!
-Tremendous Truffle: specially selected by Martin Willig. This cow cheese with fresh summer truffle has been naturally matured for several months on wooden shelves. 
-Sublime Sheep: Specially selected by Jacob Willig a delicious rich sheep cheese with a spicy flavor. A perfect extraordinary addition to any dinner plate.

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Cheese inspiration recipes
Cheese inspiration recipes
Premium cheese from Holland
Premium cheese from Holland
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Customers rate us with an average of 9.5

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