A fresh start!

By: Henri Willig
20 jan 2023
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First of all, to everyone still best wishes for 2023 of course!

A new year usually represents fresh starts and good intentions. And that's the perfect time to work on new goals and make plans for the year ahead.

For us, it is no different. Thus, we already have many great ideas and projects for 2023 that we would like to take you into this year as well.

After all, this year too has plenty of great days. Of course, we are thinking of Valentine's Day, Easter, Pentecost, Mother's Day and Father's Day. But in between these days, there are plenty of other great days where our cheeses and delicious recipes do not go amiss. And do you have a birthday or other celebration in your personal circle? Then our cheese gifts will always make you look good. In short: follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and get inspired by our delicious cheeses, cheese gifts and recipes with cheese.

We love it when people are enthusiastic about our products and want to work with them. That's why we also regularly share beautiful recipes and cheese boards made with love by fans and cheese lovers. Continuing to work on sustainable, conscious and high-quality production also remains a point on which we do not want to compromise. So this is where we will continue to work passionately this year. And if we can apply innovative ideas, we will certainly not fail to do so.

Within a few weeks, by the way, there will be another new Henri's Hero in the shops and webshop. Henri's Hero cheeses are our limited edition cheeses. These are cheeses that are only produced in a limited number. So if you are interested in these, be quick, because gone = gone.

This helps us to vary and regularly introduce new flavours.
So don't miss anything from Henri Willig, such as the new Henri's Hero or other fun news? And would you like to stay informed about our developments? Would you like to see delicious recipes, tips and inspiration? Then register here to become a member of our Henri Willig Cheese Family.

Our cheese is made to be shared, and we love to share it with you!
A fresh greeting, The Cheese Family

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Is this article already making you hungry?

Check out Henri Willig's delicious recipes below.

Croissant with figs and sheep's cheese

4 pers
10 min

Method: A la minute: Cut fresh figs into wedges. Cut open croissants horizontally and spread with fig red port dip. Spread sheep's cheese slices generously over the croissants and top with fig red port dip. Spread fresh fig segments on the dip and garnish with Affila Cress and half the croissant.   

Making cheese butterflies yourself with puff pastry

4 pers
60 min

We made this plank for Mother's Day. They actually deserve such a tasty board every day! Get creative and cut different cheeses into different shapes. Think cubes, dots, strips and so on. Divide all supplies on the board and give it your own twist.  We made the cheese butterflies based on a recipe by Cees Holtkamp and we used our own cheese for this.  Ingredients: 6 slices of buttercream puff pastry 40 grams of butter 100 grams grated Henri Willig Cow Gold mature cow's cheese Salt  White pepper Curry Preparation:  Take 6 thawed slices of buttercream puff pastry and lay them on top of each other. Roll this out to a slice of about 30x40 cm Then make the cream. Put 40 grams of butter and 100 grams of grated mature cow cheese together in a bowl and mix until creamy. Make sure the cheese and butter are not cold, otherwise it won't mix together nicely.  Once this is done, season with salt, white pepper and curry.  Spread the cheese cream over the puff pastry but leave a border free over the long side, otherwise there will be a double amount of cream there. Fold the puff pastry inwards. Do this from both sides in 2 steps. So first fold in a strip of about 7 cm on both sides. And then repeat this again until both sides come together.  Then grease one side with egg and fold the parts together. Now put the dough in the fridge for 1-2 hours to stiffen, so you can cut easily and sharply later.  Remove the dough from the fridge, cut thin 2-4 mm strips and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper. You can make about 50-60 cheese butterflies with this recipe.  Is the baking tray filled? Then bake the butterflies for 20 minutes at 170 °C Let them cool for a while and serve these pretty butterflies on the cheese board.