A growing number of consumers are looking for ethically responsible products. Customers are increasingly aware of producers who make conscious sustainable choices.
In addition to our regular cheeses we have recently given high priority to organic and biodynamic ones. The organic and biodynamic milk supplied for them is our connection with the agriculture involved. Organic dairy farmers are bound to specific requirements regarding environment, nature and landscape, animal welfare and production methods. In organic production methods no fertilisers and synthetic pesticides are used to keep the soil free from unnatural chemicals.
In our own production process we reduce residual waste to a minimum. We actively try to find buyers in processed cheese production for cheeses that we have rejected ourselves, but are completely safe for consumption. We process whey into semi-finished products for further processing in the food industry. Packaging and other residual waste is sorted and disposed of.

If you would like to know more, click here for our CSR annual report.