The tastiest Christmas recipes to make with the perfect Christmas cheeses

By: Henri Willig
, 01 dec 2023

Kerstmis is de tijd van gezelligheid, lichtjes en natuurlijk: heerlijk eten. Met de ambachtelijke kazen van Henri Willig maak je van elk kerstdiner een feest. In dit artikel vind je inspiratie voor de lekkerste kerstrecepten met kaas, perfect voor jouw kersttafel. Van kaasfondue met een twist tot een feestelijke kaasplank, ontdek hoe je de perfecte 'kerst kaas' momenten creëert.

Conviviality at the table with Henri Willig Christmas cheese recipes

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to enjoy good flavours and fine company. A board full of Henri Willig cheeses offers something tasty for everyone at the table. Whether it's the spiciness of a truffle cheese or the freshness of a pesto cheese, the variety makes for a lively table. With a few simple additions such as freshly baked bread and a selection of nuts and fruit, you can transform an everyday evening into a special festive moment in no time. Henri Willig helps you carry on the traditions this Christmas, with cheese as the centrepiece of togetherness and enjoyment. Discover some of our favourite Christmas recipes with cheese!

1. Soft Greek pita with cheese

The combination of soft Greek pita with Henri Willig's fresh cheese offers a tasty and light start to Christmas dinner. A simple but tasty Christmas cheese dish that is easy to make and is sure to be appreciated by your guests.

2. French bread with meatballs in tomato sauce gratinated with Henri Willig Gouda cheese

For a savoury Christmas cheese treat, try the baguette with meatballs in tomato sauce, generously gratinated with Henri Willig's Gouda cheese. This dish can serve as a robust starter or a filling main course.

3. Quick flatbread pizza

For those looking for a quick but delicious dish, Henri Willig's flatbread pizza with different types of cheese is a fantastic choice that is sure to please young and old alike. This Christmas cheese recipe is easy to adapt to everyone's taste and is quick to prepare, ideal for a relaxed Christmas meal.

4. Henri Willig cheese dessert

A tasty end to Christmas dinner is the Henri Willig cheese dessert. Combine different types of cheese with sweet elements such as fruit and nuts for a surprising and flavourful dessert. It is a unique way to present cheese and offers a delicious change from traditional sweet desserts.

Celebrate with cheese: a Christmas to remember

Whether you opt for the warmth of cheese bitterballs, the elegance of a grilled sandwich with asparagus, the savoury flavours or the Greek kick of pita with tzatziki cheese, Henri Willig's cheeses will ensure unforgettable Christmas cheese dishes. Order your cheeses easily online at Henri Willig and prepare for a Christmas feast full of flavour and conviviality.

Find out more and order the perfect cheese or cheeseboard for your Christmas party at Henri Willig. Also nice to give as a gift: like our joyfull moment Christmas gift! With Henri Willig's festive recipes and tips, your Christmas will be a tasty experience that everyone will remember.

Is this article already making you hungry?

Check out Henri Willig's delicious recipes below.

Cheese dessert by Henri Willig

4 pers
10 min

A cheese board for dessert, but with Dutch cheese! A super easy recipe. Cut the different cheeses into nice slices or strips and place them on the plate. Important is the order of the cheeses. Start with mild and finish with the strongest cheeses.  On these plates, the order is as follows:  - Young gouda, a soft creamy biscuit cheese  - Young sheep's cheese, also soft but with the special delicate flavour of sheep's milk - Aged goat's cheese, rich and full of flavour. Awarded the best hard goat's cheese in the world - Old cow's cheese, a deliciously piquant cow's cheese - Extra old goat cheese, a very deep and full-flavoured, crumbly goat cheese.  Lay these slices or strips neatly side by side on the plate and add a spoonful of the dip or syrup to the plate.  Also add a few pieces of the cracker and a handful of nuts. You eat these in between cheeses, for example. They can neutralise the taste buds neutralise them so that you taste each type of cheese taste good.  And that was it! In short, a super easy dessert but still very nice and tasty.  

Beetroot salad with goat cheese

1 pers
25 min

This delicious fresh beetroot salad is delicious all year round! Ideal as a side dish or a healthy tasty lunch  Tip: Use gloves when handling cooked beetroot. This will keep your hands clean! Cook the beets about 20 minutes in water. Let the beets cool and remove the outer layer (skin).  Cut the cooked beets into cubes or slices. Mix the beets with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a salad bowl. Season further with salt and pepper if necessary.  Coarsely chop the walnuts and sprinkle them over the beets. Add the rocket. Cut, curl or shave the goat cheese and garnish over the beet salad.