Melt away at these cheese starters for Christmas

By: Henri Willig
23 nov 2023
± 3 minuten

The holidays are just around the corner and what could be cozier than enjoying tasty cheese appetisers together? Henri Willig, the artisan cheese maker from the Netherlands, offers an assortment of recipes perfect for a Christmas cheese appetiser. Let your guests enjoy and melt away together at these delicious cheese creations.

Cheese starters at Christmas

At a Christmas dinner, the starter is more than a simple warm-up for the main course; it sets the tone for the whole evening. Henri Willig's cheese starters will get you off to a tasty start. Whether you opt for the rich flavour of a cheese fondue or the fresh bite of a cheeseboard, with these starters you lay a solid foundation for a successful Christmas menu. And the best part is, these dishes are not only delicious, but also surprisingly easy to prepare. Discover our favourite cheese starters

Cheese fondue with a twist

Start the evening with a classic: cheese fondue. But not just any cheese fondue, Henri Willig's cheese fondue with goat cheese is a unique variant with extra old goat cheese and goat cheese with herbs & garlic, which provides a rich and deep flavour. This Christmas starter with cheese is not only delicious, but also a real eye-catcher on your Christmas table.

Bruschettas with Portobello truffle cheese

As a savoury snack or appetiser, try Henri Willig's bruschettas with Portobello and& nbsp ;truffle cheese. These bruschettas are easy to make and the combination of the savoury truffle cheese with the soft texture of portobello is guaranteed to impress your guests.

Extra festive luxury cheese board as a Christmas appetiser

For those who like to keep things simple but elegant, the extra festive luxury cheese board is an exquisite choice. Combine different types of Henri Willig cheeses, such as young cheese with green pesto and mature goat cheese, with fresh fruit and raw vegetables for an unforgettable start to your Christmas dinner.

Christmas cheese sticks

A playful addition to your starters are Henri Willig's Christmas cheese sticks. These crunchy stems are perfect as a light appetiser or as part of a drinks board. They are quick and easy to make and are sure to be a hit with young and old alike.

Spicy nachos as a hot appetiser

Nachos with cheese are always a hit and with Henri Willig's spicy nachos you put a quick but delicious starter on the table. Sprinkled with Henri Willig's chilli cheese and served with crème fraîche, salsa and guacamole, these nachos are sure to please your guests.

Appetisers suitable for any Christmas dinner

The art of a successful Christmas starter with cheese lies in its versatility and adaptability to everyone's needs. These cheese appetisers for Christmas from Henri Willig fit this perfectly. Not only do they look good, they also offer something for every dining table. Whether you go for an intimate dinner with your closest family, a grand gathering with friends, or a fancy party night, Henri Willig's cheese recipes are versatile and easy to adapt to any occasion. With these Christmas starters with cheese, you create a moment of pure conviviality and culinary enjoyment, with each dish contributing to a warm and festive Christmas atmosphere.

The tastiest Christmas starters with cheese from Henri Willig

In addition, each of our appetisers with cheese is a party in itself. Whether you opt for the warm cosiness of a cheese fondue, the sophistication of a luxury cheeseboard, the smoky flavours of a BBQ cheeseburger, or the spicy kick of spicy nachos, Henri Willig cheese will ensure an unforgettable start to your Christmas meal. Order Henri Willig cheese easily online and enjoy your Christmas dinner with the tastiest appetisers!

Is this article already making you hungry?

Check out Henri Willig's delicious recipes below.

Making your own original bruschettas with portobello & truffle cheese

4 pers
20 min

Healthy, tasty and a great addition to your cheeseboard! Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Squeeze the clove of garlic. Mix with the olive oil and spread this on the sourdough bread. Make sure you put the pieces of garlic on the bread too, not just the oil! Place them in the preheated oven for 10 minutes, until they have turned a nice golden brown on top. Cut the portobello mushrooms into thick slices and fry them golden brown in a frying pan. Top the bruschettas with the portobello slices a pinch of salt and grated cheese.  Easy and full of flavour  

Extra festive luxury cheese board

5 pers
10 min

Create a festive luxury drinks board with Henri Willig's cheeses! The following cheeses were used for this cheese board: Green pesto - young cow cheese with green pesto, Goat gold - mature goat cheese, Tremendous truffle - young mature cow cheese with truffle. The goat cheese here is placed on a cheese curler that can be used to make beautiful cheese 'flowers'. The pineapple ginger dip is an ideal combination with this cheese. The green pesto and truffle cheese can be cut into dots and strips. Fill the board with the cheeses and alternate with fresh fruit and raw vegetables. Think apple, grapes, carrot and cucumber, for example. Finally, add fresh nuts, olives and crackers.  The result is a beautiful and tasty drinks board!