A tasty Father's Day

By: Henri Willig
28 mei 2022
± 2 minuten

When you think of Father's Day you think of gifts like ties, aftershave and good food.

In this blog we focus on the last one, because of course we immediately think of cheese. Thinking of a generously filled sandwich, or a board with lots of cheese cubes, of course with mustard and a beer. Especially for Father's Day, you want to spoil the fathers in your life, such as your father, your father-in-law, your grandfather or your brother or friend who is a father. They deserve it! And you certainly can do that with our special products.

About Henri Willig Cheese

We are cheese makers at heart at Henri Willig Cheese, and in recent years have increasingly developed to become Dutch cheese specialists. Our innovative ideas and flavors originate at the kitchen table with the family, but also during conversations among colleagues or with our customers. These innovations are not limited to taste, but go beyond that. After all, as a cheese maker we also want to be able to do business in a sustainable way. At our farm near Amsterdam we passionately produce a wide range of cheeses, each with its own unique flavor and character. And because we have started to produce more and more cheese, we have also started to think more intensely about how we deal with an important residual product from the cheese-making process: whey.

Whey-based special beer

Whey is an enormously versatile product and therefore very suitable for application in various products. And now, on the occasion of Father's Day, it is a pleasure to highlight our special beer, in which the brewery has incorporated the whey that is left over from our cheese making process. We have 3 beers in our range. Wheyzen, Tripel and Quadrupel and all three taste great with our cheese assortment.

Beer cheese

In order to make a good impression during Father's Day, we developed a beer cheese with one of the special beers, the Wheyzen. We already had this cheese in a very small edition in the spring, but especially for Father's Day, we produced this delicious beer cheese again.

Tasty Father's Day gifts

The beer and the beer cheese are of course perfect gifts to give to a bon vivant on Father's Day. We have therefore composed several gifts. That makes for the ultimate Father's Day gift! And if you want something different, in our stores there is also the possibility to compose your own gift.

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Is this article already making you hungry?

Check out Henri Willig's delicious recipes below.

Making crispy cheese sticks from puff pastry with red pesto cheese

5 pers
30 min

Loes made these súper easy cheese sticks! Defrost the slices of puff pastry. Cut each slice of puff pastry into 5 strips. Spread the beaten egg on the strips. Then sprinkle them with our cheese. Loes used the red pesto cheese, the herb garlic cheese and the limited edition sparkling wine cheese. But any cheese will do, of course!  Place them in a preheated 200-degree oven for 20 minutes.  Let them cool for a while and then serve them, for example, alongside a delicious drinks board with a delicious cheese dip (like this plum star anise) or a bowl of soup.  Thanks Loes ( @smullenmetloes) for your yummy easy recipe.     

Vegetarian nachos casserole with Henri Willig cheese

2 pers
20 min

This vegetarian snack is delicious for any time! Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.  Make sure you have sliced the red onion, spring onion, pepper and jalapeños. Think half rings and strips.  Grate a generous portion of cheese. We used our Henri's Hero Daslook cheese here, but also delicious is, for example, our chilli cheese, young gouda cheese or, for example, herb garlic cheese.  In a baking dish, place the tortilla chips and sprinkle the red onion, spring onion, pepper, corn, kidney beans and jalapeño peppers on top. Then spread the cheese over the baking dish.  Put the dish in the oven until the cheese in about 10 minutes melted. Mash the flesh of the avocado with a fork. Add some lime juice and season with salt and pepper. Fill several bowls with the roasted tomato dip, avocado dip and crème fraîche. And serve these with the casserole with nachos.   Dip and enjoy!