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Frequently asked questions Cheese Tasting by Henri Willig The Hague

Do you have a question about ordering an online ticket, want to know more about the route to Cheese Tasting by Henri Willig The Hague? Read the answers to the frequently asked questions.


Buying and changing tickets

Do I need to book an online ticket?

Due to availability, we advise you to book your tickets in advance. Of course, you can also book a ticket directly in our cheese shop Cheese & More by Henri Willig Place 1 The Hague.


Can I change my online ticket(s)?

Up to 24 hours before the reserved visit day and start time, we are happy to help find a new visit time. Rebooking tickets is only possible if a new date and time is available. Please contact us at


I want to cancel my ticket, what should I do?

Tickets purchased online are non-refundable. Up to 24 hours prior to your visit, it is possible to rebook tickets to another date and time, subject to availability. Please contact us at


I have an online ticket and am coming with an extra person, can they enter at the same time?

You can still buy tickets in our shop, subject to availability.


Can I book by phone?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve tickets by phone. Order tickets easily and quickly on our website.


Each ticket has the same name on it. Is that a problem?

No, that is not a problem. The ticket shows the name of the person who placed and paid for the order. Each individual ticket has a unique barcode, which is scanned at the entrance.


Do I have to print the ticket?

You can print an online ticket, but you don't have to. The ticket can also be displayed on a mobile device at the entrance control (more durable).


Are discount tickets valid at Cheese Tasting by Henri Willig The Hague?

No, we do not work with discount cards.


Problems with ordering tickets online

I have not received my ticket(s), but the money has been debited from my account.

There may be several reasons for not receiving your ticket(s) ordered online:

  • The confirmation e-mail with your tickets may be in the spam box or junk mail folder. With Gmail, the e-mail is often in the special spam or advertising folder.
  • There may be a typo in the e-mail address, for example. If you contact us using the form at the bottom of this page, we will correct it and resend the tickets.
  • Due to server problems, there may be delays. Please check your email again after a while.


I am unable tobook a ticket online.

If ordering a ticket fails, there could be several reasons:

  • Check your internet connection and refresh the web page. You can also try again in a different browser. Sometimes it can help to restart your computer.


I can't get through the payment page because I keep coming back to the same page.

There can be several reasons for not being able to complete the order:

  • You can only go to the next page in the order process if all the details are entered correctly. When paying by credit card, check that there are no spelling errors in the cardholder details. Also do not forget to fill in your CVC code if paying by credit card. When paying by bank, the bank details must be correct.

Please note: avoid duplicate payments! First check whether the payment was successful before making another attempt.

  • Sometimes it helps to use a different browser.
  • Do you not have enough balance or is the payment refused by the credit card company? Try again, possibly with a different card.


I have problems downloading my ticket(s) on the order page.

After payment, you will receive an e-mail with the tickets as PDF files attached. You can show these attachments on arrival at Cheese Tasting By Henri Willig The Hague.


General questions, directions & Facilities


What is the address?

Cheese Tasting By Henri Willig The Hague

Place 1

2513 AD The Hague



What times does the Cheese Tasting by Henri Willig The Hague take place?

As yet, excluding tastings will be organised on request. Please contact us for this at


How do I get to Cheese Tasting By Henri Willig The Hague?

Route description

Cheese Tasting By Henri Willig The Hague is located at Place 1 close to the Binnenhof and Noordeinde Palace.

Public transport:

From The Hague CS - about 15 minutes' walk.

Tram from The Hague CS: tram 16 - The Hague Statenkwartier or tram 15 Nootdorp after 3 min (2 stops) get off at stop Buitenhof. Then a 1-minute walk to our location.

Car: There are several car parks nearby.


What are the costs for Cheese Tasting by Henri Willig The Hague?

  • All ages 35,-
  • Children 0-2 free


In which language will the Cheese Tasting by Henri Willig The Hague be given?

We can give the tasting in 3 languages (NL, EN, DUI).

If you would like another language, we can try to arrange this. For this, please email us at at least 2 weeks before your visit .

How do I book a group visit?

Please contact stating group visit.


Is Cheese Tasting by Henri Willig The Hague accessible for the disabled/deaf and hearing impaired?

Unfortunately, the tasting room is not accessible for disabled persons or visitors in wheelchairs. We can provide a written text for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, a cloakroom is available.


Are toilets available?

Yes, a toilet block is available.



Is your question not answered, or do you have another comment? Please contact