Easter drinks board

  • Cheese Platters
  • Young Cheese
  • 6 pers
  • 20 min


  • Combination of 4 cheeses (Gouda, Paprika, Herbs+Garlic, Cumin)
  • Cooker cheese dips (Date balsamic, Fig red port, Pineapple ginger & Apricot ras el hanout)
  • Cheese waffles garden herbs garlic
  • Fig bread
  • Grapes and/or other fruit/raw vegetables
  • Edible pansies
  • Salami

Not an Easter egg but a CHEESE egg!
Attention cheese lovers, this Easter you will put a real cheese egg on the table during your Easter brunch or Easter drinks! Looks cosy, is super tasty and easy to make.

Make sure you use different types of cheese, that way you have lots of variety! Cut it into various shapes such as dots, sticks and roll up slices. That way you get a playful whole. It is also nice to serve crack with it, some French bread and homemade puff pastry sticks, some grapes and delicious dips. Finish it off with the salami rose and some edible violets.

On this board:
Paprika cheese
Gouda cheese
Herb garlic cheese
Cumin cheese
Fig bread
Cheese waffles garden herbs garlic
4 different cheese dips

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