This is the difference between Edam and Gouda cheese

By: Henri Willig
06 mrt 2024
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The Netherlands, with its rich cheese culture, offers a variety of flavours and textures that attract cheese lovers from all over the world. Among these tourist attractions are two cheeses that often stand out: Edam and Gouda. Although both originated in the Netherlands and are appreciated worldwide, they differ significantly from each other. In this article, we highlight the unique characteristics of Edam and Gouda cheese and tell you why they are so popular.

What is Edam cheese?

Edam cheese, from the Dutch town of Edam, is world-famous for its round shape and characteristic red wax coating. This semi-hard cheese is made from pasteurised cow's milk and is known for its mild, salty taste. The production process involves acidifying the milk, moulding the cheese, and then ripening, during which the cheese develops its unique flavour and texture. Edam cheese is loved for its versatility in use, from cheese boards to melted in dishes, and its ability to mature well without losing firmness. These characteristics make Edam a favourite in both young and aged forms worldwide.

What is Gouda cheese?

Gouda cheese, named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands, is one of the most well-known and loved cheeses worldwide. This cheese is produced from pasteurised cow's milk and can be recognised by its flat, round shape and often yellow wax coating. The production process of Gouda cheese includes milk coagulation, pressing and moulding, and a careful ripening process. Gouda cheese is loved for its rich and creamy flavour, which varies from mild to very strong depending on the ripening time.

Gouda cheese is often referred to under the name Gouda cheese. Interestingly, 'Gouda cheese' is not a protected name and cheeses from all over the world are allowed to be called that, the name 'Gouda Holland', on the other hand, has been protected with a geographical indication since 2010. This means that only cheeses made in the Netherlands and made from Dutch cow's milk can bear the name 'Gouda Holland'. This protection ensures that the quality and origin of the cheese remain guaranteed, keeping the genuine Gouda cheese distinct from its international variants.

The difference between Edam and Gouda cheese

The difference between Edam and Gouda cheese lies mainly in taste, texture and maturation process. Edam is milder and has a semi-hard texture, ideal for those who prefer a subtle cheese. Gouda cheese is richer and creamier, with a flavour that ranges from mild to very strong - depending on the ripening time. Edam is often recognisable by its red wax coating, while Gouda usually has a yellow wax coating. Both cheeses are native to the Netherlands and loved around the world for their unique flavour characteristics.

Similar cheeses

Although Edam and Gouda are unique in their types, they share some similarities with other European cheeses such as Comté and Emmentaler. These similarities lie mainly in their versatility and ripening potential, but Edam and Gouda's specific flavour and texture remain truly distinctive in this regard.

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