Man, Animal and Nature, together in harmony

By: Henri Willig
12 okt 2022
± 3 minuten

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear how important it is to do business in a way that is as good as possible for people, animals and nature. And it is very important to us that we leave the world a better place than when we started.

The term CSR also comes up more often everywhere you read and look. But what are some examples where you can do corporate social responsibility? At Henri Willig, we are always looking for new opportunities everywhere. We want to be as good as possible to the earth and everything that lives on it.


The end of September marked World Heart Day, a day focusing on cardiovascular disease in women and the necessary research into it. We too want to get involved in this important issue. And we do this by, for instance, donating 10% of the sales of our specially selected cheese and other products to the Heart for Women project started by Inner Wheel.

Inner Wheel is a personally connected, socially engaged and internationally involved club of ladies with over 100,000 members from more than 100 countries across five continents. And because Riet Willig -co-founder of Henri Willig Cheese- is a member of this organisation, we have a close connection with Inner Wheel Netherlands.


Our cheese factory is located in a unique area. The unique IJsselmeer area. Together with the Markermeer and the Randmeren, the IJsselmeer forms the IJsselmeer area. It is the largest freshwater lake in north-western Europe and also lies on the East Atlantic bird migration route.

An important place for hundreds of thousands of birds, including many tern species, to rest, forage and breed From our commitment to organic farming and the role birds play in enriching biodiversity on our farm, we are happy to host this wonderful bird exhibition. And we know that healthy grass with lots of herbs, leads to healthier and happier cows that give the tastiest milk, from which, of course, we make that delicious cheese. We therefore take care of these animals around us.


In recent years, we have studied better ways of generating energy while dealing with the rising prices of gas and electricity. Especially now, this is not an unnecessary luxury and we are happy to realise this as well.

In a few months' time, we will be going off natural gas with the entire cheese production and switching completely to the much cheaper propane gas, an excellent idea from one of Henri and Riet's sons. And as for electricity, this year we have further expanded our package of solar panels in Katwoude and, under Henri's leadership, a large field of solar panels is being installed in Heerenveen, which will be put into operation next spring.

Fortunately, there are still many things we as humans can influence, and it is good to keep looking for new possibilities. Shall we continue to inspire each other?

Is this article already making you hungry?

Check out Henri Willig's delicious recipes below.

Luxury sandwich with Henri Willig goat's cheese

2 pers
25 min

Fancy a special lunch? This sandwich will surprise!    Preparation   Place two sandwiches on a board and top with a layer of spinach.   Cut the onion into rings and the mushrooms into thin slices. Fry these in a pan with olive oil. Then spread this over the two sandwiches as well.   Use a cheese slicer to make thin slices of the goat cheese and place these on the sandwiches.   Sprinkle some Italian herbs over the cheese and divide the slices of Parma ham on top again.   Cut the avocado into thin strips and top with the ham.  Finally, put the tomatoes on the buns and now put the other two slices of bread on top. Drizzle the sandwiches with olive oil.   Put the sandwiches in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes. If you have a sandwich grill you can also use it.   Thanks  @_foodplaces_ for an inspiring sandwich recipe!

Making your own easy quesadillas with pulled chicken

2 pers
20 min

Tasty quick quesedillas.    Preparation: - Cook the chicken with the chicken stock within 15 minutes. - Meanwhile, remove the heart from the tomato, dice the flesh and cut the spring onion into rings. Mix this with the corn. - Once cooked, pull the chicken apart with two forks to form pulled chicken. Mix with the tomato mixture, a tablespoon of barbecue sauce and season with salt and pepper. - Place a wrap in a dry frying pan. Grate sweet chilli cheese over this, cover with the pulled chicken mixture and grate another layer of cheese over this. Finish with the second wrap. - Fry over medium-high heat until both sides are golden brown and crispy and the cheese is melted.   An easy recipe from @thamargoesbananas. This can be eaten any time of the day.