Henri Willig Cheese, A great place to work

By: Henri Willig
24 jan 2023
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Our employees find our company a special and nice place to work. We are happy to tell you why this is.

Our staff give the following reasons:

In short, it's a joy to work at Henri Willig. And thanks to the opening of new shops, our Cheese Family keeps expanding. So more people are welcome to join us. Would you like to be part of the Henri Willig Cheese Family and have contact with people from all over the world?

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Ambitious and proud

Every day, we enthusiastically tell guests who visit our shops about the history of Henri Willig Cheese. These people come from all kinds of countries and are impressed by our exclusive Dutch cheese specialities. We like to delight people with our hospitality, beautiful gifts and delicious cheeses and give them wonderful memories.
Because the history of Henri Willig Kaas starts with Henri Willig, an ambitious man who, together with his wife Riet, dared to take up the adventure and decided to make cheese. That we have been making cheese according to traditional methods for almost 50 years is fantastic.

In recent years, the middle son, Wiebe, has taken over the management. But this does not mean that Henri is sitting still. He is still fully involved in the business. And anyone who comes to visit our farm in Katwoude has a good chance of running into Henri on the property.
Thanks to the Willig family's ambitions, we now have many shops spread throughout the Netherlands and even in Germany and Austria. As a 'Cheese Family', we are enormously proud of this. Opening a new shop is always a special moment. Together with Henri, we take time out to toast this milestone.

New shop in Den Bosch

Talking about new shops, we would like to keep you informed of the latest developments. Den Bosch is the next beautiful city where we will set up shop.
On the market square between many historical monumental buildings, near the statue of Hieronymus Bosch and the fifteenth-century well, we will open a Cheese & More by Henri Willig in March 2023. We are eager to give everyone a warm welcome and enjoy our delicious cheese there too.

Is this article already making you hungry?

Check out Henri Willig's delicious recipes below.

Making baked potatoes with pesto, paprika or herb/garlic cheese and Henri Willig roasted tomato dip

4 pers
60 min

Preparation: Wrap the potatoes in aluminium foil and roast them in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 30 to 45 minutes until tender. Halve them lengthwise and scoop out carefully. Crumble the potato crumbs and mix with Henri Willig Roasted Tomato to make the foam. Fill the hollowed-out potatoes with this mixture and top with some cheese. Place the potatoes in an oven at 200 degrees Celsius for a few minutes so that the cheese melts. Stir the milk with the other jar of Henri Willig Roasted Tomato and strain it. Using a frother or hand blender, make the milk frothy. Remove the potatoes from the oven and present them on a plate and spoon a spoonful of Roasted Tomato foam on top.  Tip: Use the Henri Willig Mayonnaise Sweet Chili to dip the bread in.

Making your own Dutch quattro formaggi (4 cheeses) pizza

2 pers
20 min

To make this delicious Dutch style Quatro Formaggi Pizza, here is the recipe in which we have used only Dutch Henri Willig cheese. Preparation: - Grate all the cheeses with a coarse grater. Take as much cheese as you like on the pizza! (This is about 25 grams per type of cheese) - Bake the cauliflower pizza base for 3 minutes at 220 degrees. - Then top the pizza with the tomato passata, all the cheeses and some yummy cherry tomatoes. - Bake for another 7-8 minutes, until the edges of the pizza are nicely golden brown. Enjoy your meal!