Henri Willig Christmas

By: Henri Willig
, 14 dec 2022

Christmas stands for pampering and enjoying with loved ones, and Henri Willig's special cheeses should not be missing from that. When it comes to holidays, we at Henri Willig like to go the extra mile.

For instance, we always have a special seasonal cheese for the festive season, our sparkling wine that adds an extra festive touch to this time of year. Our mulled wine cheese dip is another limited edition that really suits this time of year.



And of course, we have put together a tasty collection of Christmas gifts. These gifts are fun to give and tasty to get. These gifts are perfect for under the Christmas tree or a nice present for the host of the evening.

Recipes and Inspiration

Because we like to inspire everyone with our cheese, we have an extensive collection of recipes on our site that allow everyone to put something special on the table.

Think of dishes for Christmas breakfast, or Christmas brunch. There are also recipes for Christmas dinner and drinks. And what about dessert? With our cheeses, you can put together a delicious cheeseboard for Christmas dessert. In short, plenty of inspiration.


For many, the December month is a time of being together. Often with family or friends. At Henri Willig, we really feel like a family too. That is why we also call ourselves 'the cheese family'. It is the feeling of warmth, commitment and interest in each other. We hope everyone will feel a bit of light and warmth at this time of year and wish you all happy holidays.

Kind regards, the Henri Willig Cheese Family

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Is this article already making you hungry?

Check out Henri Willig's delicious recipes below.

Henri Willig cheese dessert

4 pers
10 min

A cheese board for dessert, but with Dutch cheese! A super easy recipe. Cut the different cheeses into nice slices or strips and place them on the plate. The most important thing is to get the order right. Start with the mild flavours and finish with the powerful cheese that has a strong flavour. On these plates, the order is as follows: - Young gouda, a creamy soft cow's cheese - Young sheep's cheese - Mature goat's cheese - Old cow's cheese - Extra old goat's cheese Lay these slices or strips neatly side by side on the plate and add a spoonful of apple syrup to the plate. Also add a few pieces of the cracker and a handful of nuts. These can again neutralise your taste between the different cheese flavours so that you taste each cheese well. And that was it! In short, a super easy dessert but still very pretty and flavourful.

Christmas Cheese Sticks

4 pers
20 min

This ultimate snack you just make yourself! In Christmas colors!!! How fun is that.  Thanks to @courgetticonfetti for the beautiful photos and delicious recipe. The colorful and amazingly delicious cheeses she used  are from @henriwillig Recipe (20 cheese sticks)✨ 1. Allow the filo dough to thaw. 2. If you are using your oven, preheat it to 220 degrees. If you use an airfryer, then you do not need to preheat it. 3. Take one large piece of filo pastry. Spray both sides with baking spray or lightly grease with a little olive oil. Then cut it into quarters (so you have 4 squares). Repeat this later with the rest of the filo pastry, so that you get a total of 20 smaller pieces. 4. Place a strip of cheese on the edge of a piece of filo pastry. Fold the outer edges of the filo dough over the cheese so that the ends are covered, and now roll the cheese all the way up in the filo dough. Like rolling up a burrito. 5. Repeat this with all the pieces of filo dough and strips of cheese. 6. Bake the cheese sticks for 3 minutes in your airfryer at 180 degrees (I find it works best!) or 4-5 minutes in your oven at 220 degrees. Until they are beautifully golden brown! Nice with some sweet chili or mayo! Enjoy ❤️