Discover the wonders of whey in cheese production

By: Henri Willig
12 nov 2023
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For Henri Willig, cheese is more than just a delicacy; it is a story of tradition, quality and sustainability. An important chapter in this story is 'whey', the liquid that remains after curdling the milk. Whey is a crucial part of the cheese-making process and has a lot of potential outside cheese-making too.

What is whey?

Whey, also known as cheese whey or whey milk, is a by-product of the cheese-making process. When milk curdles to form cheese, whey is the liquid that remains.

Microbial rennet: what is it and what do you use it for?

At Henri Willig, we use microbial rennet, a vegetarian alternative to animal rennet, in our unique recipe. This rennet helps curdle the milk and contributes to our distinctive taste.

Lactic acid and lactose

Lactic acid bacteria play a crucial role in converting lactose to lactic acid, which gives cheese its characteristic sour taste.

Whey: a multifunctional product

Whey is not only essential for cheese production, but also finds its way into many other products such as cosmetics and food, where it is valued for its nutritional value and versatility.

Sustainability in practice

At Henri Willig, we are committed to sustainability. Our innovative nanofiltration system thickens cheese whey from 5% to 20% dry matter, saving transport costs and reducing our CO2 emissions.

We also use cheese whey to produce our whey beer. We then use this speciality beer again to develop our beer cheese. We have now included this beer cheese in our regular range and we are proud to offer this special beer cheese. Just goes to show what you can do with the by-product of cheese making!

Over the centuries, whey has proven its worth, both in cheese making and outside. At Henri Willig, we embrace the versatile uses of whey and are committed to sustainable practices that reduce our impact on the planet, while maintaining the authentic taste of our cheeses.

Discover for yourself the unique taste of Henri Willig cheeses and experience the subtle influence of whey on our products by visiting our shops and farms.

Is this article already making you hungry?

Check out Henri Willig's delicious recipes below.

Nachos with Gouda cheese

4 pers
30 min

Preparation Coarsely grate the cheese. Shake tortilla chips in a large bowl. Spread Roasted tomato dip and grated cheese generously over tortilla chips. Cut Madame Jeanette chillies in half and garnish with all other chillies over the tortilla chips for a colourful result.   Tip Delicious in combination with Henri Willig Wheyzen or Tripel beer.

Making sandwich with grilled chicken and cheese

4 pers
30 min

Delectable sandwiches with grilled chicken, a delicious apricot spread, tomato, mayo, lettuce, avocado and our delicious young Gouda cheese. Truly a top combination! Preparation: Flatten the chicken breast and cut into 2 pieces. Mix the herbs with the olive oil and roll the chicken in it. Grill the chicken in a grill pan or in a contact grill until nicely browned and cooked on both sides. Toast the casino sandwiches in a toaster, oven or contact grill until nice and crispy.  Spread the first sandwich with the apricot dip, top with some lettuce and then the chicken. Spread a second sandwich with mayo and top with cheese, tomato and avocado slices. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Place this sandwich on top of the first and put the third sandwich on top. Carefully cut diagonally until you have two triangles. Then cut these triangles again into 2 smaller triangles and insert a skewer so it sticks together nicely.   @Ellouisacooking made these sandwiches for us, and we are definitely going to try this recipe ourselves! Thank you ;-)