More Sweet Products

Syrup Waffles:
These waffles are extremely popular in the Netherlands, and consist of two round diamond patterned waffle halves, filled with sweet caramel. After baking, the dough wafer is cut in half and sandwiched together with caramel syrup filling. A delicious honey variety is also available!

Speculaas biscuits:
Speculaas are hard, dry, flat cinnamon/ginger biscuits usually in the form of iconic figures and traditionally baked in the late autumn for the celebration of St. Nicholaas. Although in recent decades these biscuits are available throughout the year. These spicy cookies are very famous in the Netherlands and Belgium and should not be missed in our stores!

Droste Chocolate Pastilles Droste has been famous for its Pastilles since 1863, and have been preparing them with great care ever since. There are Pastilles consisting of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate in different variations as well as delicious Pastilles with a fresh, sweet taste of oranges. Because Droste has existed since 1863, the company has a rich history and is over 150 years old!

Fun facts: Over 5,256 Droste pastilles are produced each minute. Droste is one of the few chocolate manufacturers in the Netherlands that the entire process of chocolate making is done by themselves. There is a lively trade in Droste articles at collector fairs and on the Internet. The value of some rare Droste cocoa tins has risen to astronomical heights. Droste has brand recognition of an ideal 100% in the Netherlands.

Chocolate Bars:
Besides Droste pastilles Cheese & More also sells chocolate bars. These bars are made ​​from the finest cocoa beans and are available in various chocolate flavours.