More Condiments


To the Dutch mustard and cheese are inseparable! Cheese & More therefore offers different flavours of mustard traditionally prepared by the Wijndragers Company. De Wijndragers Mustard Factory was established in 1983 in the Wijndragers tower in the characteristic town of Zwolle. In the Middle Ages the Wine Carriers Guild was located in the same tower. The mustard was ground with millstones and was open to the public. The foundation for the now famous range of mustard and sauces began on this site. Meanwhile, the company has developed into a company exporting to over 10 countries, whilst never losing sight of traditional production methods! Available in the following flavours: honey mustard, balsamic vinegar, peppadew, scharp, cranberry and basil/pesto.

Cheese Dips:
What better to accompany delicious Henri Willig cheese than with Smaakgeheimen (Tasty Secrets) cheese dips?

It all started in Eersel. Smaakgeheimen recipes were first created in Adrie and Miriam’s restaurant kitchen on the vibrant Markt. Chef Miriam had notebooks full of recipes, and in the margins she noted guests’ comments. Over the years, various recipes were formed in this way.

All Smaakgeheimen (Tasty Secrets) are prepared using 100 % natural ingredients. Un-natural aromas, colourings and flavours do not have a place in our dictionary, and yet all Smaakgeheimen products have a shelf life of over 18 months! We conserve our products by using a natural foundation of herbs amongst other things. How? That has to remain the Chef’s secret! Available in the following flavours: balsamic / date, mustard / dill, fig / red port and ginger / pineapple.