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The Henri Willig cheese family has been making delicious Gouda cheese since 1974. In over 30 branded stores, cheese lovers get to taste our cheese every day, and then travel with our cheeses all over the world. For Henri Willig makes any cheese dish or cheese board truly special.

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Henri's Hero Asparagus

Henri's Hero Asparagus

A winning combination. Delicious small bits of green asparagus are added to our young mild cheese. Both are soft and subtle in taste and combine very well together. Really the highlight of the season! This new Henri's Hero cheese is available for a limited time only.

Order your favorite cheese

Order your favorite cheese

Check out our extensive range of cheeses. Henri Willig has a rich assortment of premium cheeses. From cheese wheels to smaller pieces, it is all easy to order online. All our cheeses are kept in stock in a refrigerated warehouse and are carefully packed for you with the utmost care.

Visit us

Visit us

Our quality cheeses are also for sale on our cheese farms, in our cheese farms stores and in our cheese gift stores Cheese & More by Henri Willig. Feel free to come and taste or select a nice cheese gift. We will be happy to tell you or your group how we make our quality cheeses.

Traditional Quality

Henri Willig's cheeses have been produced, packaged and delivered in-house since 1974. Our dedicated cheese makers use traditional cheese-making processes and the final product undergoes rigorous quality checks before it makes its way to the store. Henri Willig's cheeses can also be bought at Henri Willig cheese farms, which are visited by over one million national and international tourists every year.

Cheese gifts for the holidays

Henri Willig cheese is cheese made to share. And cheese makes everyone happy. Henri Willig has a wide range of products that you can give as a present. You can order our products in our webshop. We ship to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Cheese gifts for the holidays

Recognition Henri Willig

The Henri Willig cheese specialities have received many awards during international competitions.

Most popular at the moment

Cheese Recipes

Crêpes with garlic and herb cheese and salmon

4 pers
35 min

Crepes with salmon and cheese. In other countries, crepes are also known as very thin pancakes. Delicious for breakfast or brunch / lunch

Whisk the eggs with the pepper and salt. Sift the flour into the eggs, pour in the milk, and beat to a smooth batter. Leave to rest for 10 minutes.
Melt some butter in a small frying pan and fry 8 crêpes. Spread some sour cream on each crêpe. Put the salmon strips and the garlic and herb cheese on the crêpes and roll them up.
Cut diagonally, arrange onto plates, and garnish with lemon wedges.

These pancakes are irresistible!

TIPS  The garlic and herb Gouda can be substituted with a mild goat’s cheese or a mild ewe’s cheese.
Substitute the crêpes with tortillas, creating a wrap filled with fish and cheese. Substitute the salmon in the filling with strips of smoked chicken fillet or ham.

Avocado soup with garlic and herb cheese

4 pers
30 min

A healthy and tasty soup. Nice and varied!

Cut an x in the bottom of the tomatoes, and place them in boiling water for a few seconds.
Peel them, and cut them into small cubes (without the seeds). Purée the avocados with the lime juice. Stir the tomatoes, crème fraîche or sour cream and the shallot through the avocado and season with pepper and salt. Heat the stock, without letting it boil. Stir in the avocado purée, mix well, and stir in the cheese cubes. Pour the soup into warm soup bowls or plates. Place a few tortilla chips in the soup and serve the rest on the side.

TIPS  Garlic and herb Gouda can be substituted with pepper Gouda.
Why not sprinkle the tortilla chips with grated plain Gouda or a mild goat’s cheese and grill them lightly, until the cheese has just melted.

Gouda Cheese Fondue

3 pers
15 min

Rub the fondue pan with the halved clove of garlic. Heat the white wine, making sure it doesn’t boil. Cut the bread and put it on the table together with the fondue burner. Add the cheese to the wine, little by little, while stirring continuously, ensuring the cheese is fully melted before you add the next amount. Add freshly ground pepper to taste. Mix the cornflour with the kirsch and pour into the melted cheese. Stir thoroughly and pour the fondue into the preheated fondue pan when thickened. Dip pieces of bread in the cheese fondue.

Tips:  Try making the fondue a little spicier by adding pepper Gouda or adding 1 teaspoon of mustard, grated nutmeg or paprika.

In addition to bread, you could also dip other things such as cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets, olives, mini new potatoes, carrot, mushrooms, pieces of pear or pineapple.

Experience Henri Willig 

Henri Willig's cheeses are world-famous. Every year millions of people visit our shops and cheese farms. And the cheese tastings are also very popular. Henri Willig wants his guests to leave our locations "richer" than they came in. That is why we have developed a number of experiences & cheese tastings where we share our passion for cheese making and immerse people in the world of Henri Willig Cheese.

Henri Willig's Cheese Stores

Henri Willig's cheese stores in Amsterdam, Delft and Edam offer an exclusive range of Henri Willig cheese products. These farm stores also sell aged cheeses from our own cheese making plants, delicacies and wine as well as gifts and kitchen utensils, such as cheese graters, cheese boards and fondue sets.

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