Care for quality

Henri Willig produces the most flavoursome cheeses, which can be consumed safely. We use the strictest standards in order to market premium, safe products.

Having a properly functioning quality system is vital in this respect. All procedures, working instructions and registration forms have been documented in our quality manual. Traceability is also a key element in our risk control system. Our labelling guarantees we can always retrace the identification details of each cheese product during production, storage and distribution.

Hygiene policy

In the interest of the consumer, as well as our own, we adhere to a strict hygiene policy. This shows from a set of hygiene rules every employee is aware of. Compliance is supervised strictly. Each year, all employees complete a hygiene training course and – if required – hygiene rules are adjusted or added to. Visitors are only allowed in the production area under the same instructions and are always supervised. The microbiological values are periodically analysed.

Raw materials

Henri Willig collaborates with approximately 60 milk suppliers. They supply regular, organic and biodynamic cow milk and regular and organic goat and sheep milk. We adhere to strict standards regarding freshness and quality of this milk. Each supplier is subject to a rigorous audit in this respect. A sample is taken of every delivery for chemical and microbiological analysis.

For the various herb recipes we collaborate with regular suppliers to ensure consistency in flavour and quality. Our inspectors and analysts monitor this every time new herbs are delivered.