Flammkuchen with Asparagus

  • Brunch Dishes
  • Young Cheese
  • 4 pers
  • 30 min


  • 150 gr Flower
  • 75 ml lukewarm water
  • 30 ml olive oil
  • 1/4 tea spoon Salt
  • 70 gr crème fraÎse
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 100 gr Lardons or Bacon Strips
  • 75 gr Grated Henri Willig cheese ( or more, we wont stop you indulging yourself) N.B. If you use our Premium Aspargus Cheese You wont need the next ingredient:
  • 4 white Aspargus spears (or green spears if white are not available near you
  • Chopped up chives
  • Pepper

For all culinary fans we have come up with a great recipe with cheese and asparagus: Flammkuchen à la Henri Willig, with bacon and onion. You could use our magnificent Asparagus Cheese, or you could use any of these premium Henri Willig cheeses in combination with fresh asparagus: Organic Jersey, Jersey Garlic, Herb & Garlic Cow, or the Sheep Rosemary & Thyme. 


The Flammkuchen, also known as a Tarte Flambée, originates in the Elzas, the German-French border region. Flammkuchen is made of bread dough, crème fraîche, onions and lardons or bacon strips. Great as a side dish, with a glass of wine in the afternoon, or even as dinner. Because the Flammkuchen is light and thin it’s also delicious as a savoury breakfast dish. So, very suitable for your Easter brunch. 


Preparing the dough 

If made by hand: sieve the flower and add 120 ml water, the olive oil and salt. Knead until crumbly. Add the rest of the water and knead until the dough doesn’t stick to your fingers anymore. If you make it with a kitchen machine, put the flower and salt in the bowl, and let de dough hook mix these dry ingredients on the lowest setting. Slowly add the olive oil. Then add the water bit by bit until the dough doesn’t stick to the bowl anymore.  


Cover the dough ball with cling film and leave for half an hour in the fridge to firm up. 


To make the Flammkuchen 

Pre heat your oven to 220 °C. Chop the onion into small bits, fry your bacon until golden (or darker if you prefer). Put the onion and fried bacon in a bowl, add pepper, and mix. Peel the asparagus (and chop off the woody bits at the bottom of the spears if necessary), boil them in water with a dash of salt. Leave to drain and dry, then chop into chunks. 

Flower your work surface. Roll out the dough until it’s nice and thin, and put it on a papered baking tray. Cover the top with the crème fraîche (leave the rim uncovered) and add the onion and bacon mixture. Then sprinkle the grated Henri Willig Cheese on top.(In need of a cheese grater? Henri Willig has got several, for instance a Delft Blue one.)


Put the tray in the oven and bake the Flammkuchen for 10 minutes until it’s crunchy and the cheese is melted. Then add the asparagus and bake for another 4 minutes. Once out of the oven sprinkle with the chives, cut into slices and serve immediately. Bon appetit! 


By the way, there are more ways to enjoy this devine combination of asparagus and cheese. How about with potato slices, covered in melted Asparagus cheese, in our Cheese Baker? Or be daring, and add some freshly cooked green asparagus spears to your cheese platter. 

You need  

•baking paper 

•rolling pin 

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