Working at our Cheese Family

By: Henri Willig
01 aug 2022
± 3 minuten

Have you ever visited one of our shops and experienced how hospitable we are when you come in? All our employees are committed to hospitality and enjoy working for our company. We are proud of this and are happy to invest in it as an employer. We strive to create a pleasant place for both our guests and our employees.


The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is being used more and more often these days. And CSR can be applied to several parts of a company. One example is good employment practices.

The pleasant interaction between management and employees has benefited Henri Willig's growth for years. Together we have the same goal and we want to continue growing so that we can inspire the entire world with our delicious Dutch speciality cheeses.

For us, it is therefore very important to look ahead together.

  • What can be improved?
  • What is already going extremely well?
  • What ambitions do we have?

Everyone in the company can contribute ideas. We also conduct an annual employee satisfaction survey. In our company, the management is very accessible and always welcomes input from employees in various departments.

Working together, having fun together

A very large group of our colleagues work in our shops. It is always a party there and many students stay with us after their studies because it is such a nice place to work. Fortunately, there is also room to grow. And working at Henri Willig is simply not a standard retail job.

What is very special with us, for example, is that you come into contact with so many different cultures and people. The whole world comes to visit! You gain a lot of knowledge about people, which remains valuable for the rest of your life.

Personal development and growth

In order to grow personally and to be able to advise visitors as best as possible, we have our own academy. Here, you can work on many different skills. We offer several language courses, for example. Because how cool is it if you can explain to people in Spanish, Russian or French who we are and what special cheeses we have in our range?

Our works council is listened to sincerely, so that something can actually be done with the experiences and ideas from the various work fields. And the staff association is a social platform with a strong family feeling. This makes it a warm and pleasant place to work and an ideal place for self-development.

I have been working for Henri Willig for over 8 years and have held various positions. I have grown and developed myself. I am happy and proud to have an employer who looks at your strengths and helps you along. Here's to many more years of growth and, last but not least, job satisfaction!

Is this article already making you hungry?

Check out Henri Willig's delicious recipes below.

Making healthy savoury muffins with asparagus cheese

12 pers
40 min

An ultimate spring snack, perfect for brunch, lunch or any time! Preheat the oven to 180 °C top-bottom heat or 165 °C hot air.  Fill a muffin baking tin with baking paper or spray it with baking spray and let it dry for a while.  Mix the wet ingredients together. Beat the eggs with the milk and then stir in the oil. Then add self-rising baking flour with the whisk until lumps disappear. Using a spoon, stir in the parsley, cheese and optional ham* and asparagus. Save some as a topping if necessary for the muffin. Spoon the muffin batter into the muffin moulds and top with the remaining cheese/ham/asparagus.  Bake the asparagus muffins until done in 25-30 minutes. (Check if the muffins are done with a skewer) Then let cool in the mould for 5 minutes, then scoop out to cool on a wire rack. Serve lukewarm. *If you want to make the muffins vegetarian, omit the ham. 

Pizza toast from the oven with Jersey cheese

1 pers
30 min

Incredibly delicious and easy pizza toast! Ideal for brunch, for example! Spread the tomato paste on the buns, slice the courgette and grill in a pan. Drizzle the cheese over the buns, then top with the grilled courgette, tomatoes and Italian herbs. Bake the toast on the grill setting of the oven for 5 minutes (until the cheese is melted) Serve hot and enjoy!   Thanks for your delicious recipe with our Jersey cheese @fitfood.dioon