The golden duo: discover the perfect combination of cheese and tea

By: Henri Willig
19 dec 2023
± 3 minuten

At Henri Willig, we are always looking for ways to inspire and create delicious experiences. Although our journey begins with our own exquisite cheeses and related products, the excitement is heightened when we collaborate with other extraordinary companies and entities.


We are constantly looking for the best combinations. We think of various dips, wines, beers and pickles. However, a hidden gem in our culinary adventures has been the artful pairing of our cheeses with tea.

A journey for the taste buds

As 15 December was International Tea Day, we decided to take a unique tasting trip with Simon Lévelt, a leading tea expert. Based at Amsterdam CS, Simon Lévelt, like us, stands out in its field. When we approached them, their enthusiasm was palpable. They had held tastings before, but the idea of combining their tea with our cheeses excited them. So, armed with our family cheeses, I visited the Simon Lévelt shop in Amsterdam CS after a stop at our own Cheese & More. The session was an amazing journey, as we carefully searched for the perfect combinations. The result? A wonderful selection of teas that perfectly complemented our cheeses.

The wonderful discoveries with our award-winning family line:

  1. Pure Gold: Wiebe Willig selected this cow cheese as his favourite. The cheese is naturally matured for several months, making it intensely rich in flavour with a sweet undertone. A stunning match with 'Lapsang', a smoked tea that evokes the essence of a campfire. It was an immersive experience!
  2. Pure Perfection: Image with table, cheese, dairy products, tableware Automatically generated descriptionThis beautiful cheese was selected by Riet Willig. A Rich Cow cheese with a strong character complemented by salt crystals. Harmonises beautifully with White Moonlight, a white tea with a gently floral and nutty flavour.
  3. Tremendous Truffle: Martin Willig chose a cow cheese with fresh summer truffle. This gem was naturally aged on wooden boards for several months. The creamy cheese, full of flavour fits perfectly with Sencha Gabalong, a luxuriously appropriate green tea that complements the exquisite flavour of truffle.
  4. Sublime Sheep: Image with dairy products, table, tableware, Serveware Automatically generated descriptionThis rare Dutch sheep cheese is naturally matured for several months on wooden boards and selected by Jacob Willig. It is characterised by a rich and piquant flavour. Together with Jasmine Chung Hao, intensely floral and fragrant, they bring out the best in each other.
  5. Glorious Goat: Henri Willig chose this Dutch goat cheese with full conviction. The cheese is creamy and full-flavoured with a spicy hint. It is the perfect complement to Rooibos Summerfruit and enhances the sweetness of the tea, as the slightly sweet flavour matches the cheese perfectly. An irresistibly delicious combination!

Experiences to enjoy

This experience was truly inspiring. When you think of a cheese tasting, do you immediately think of tea? At our lunch table, we discovered that cheese sandwich tastes particularly good with a cup of tea. A logical choice if you think about it. In short, a great tip for clients, friends and anyone who wants something different from the classic wine-cheese combination. With Henri Willig Cheese, the possibilities are endless!

Is this article already making you hungry?

Check out Henri Willig's delicious recipes below.

Extra festive luxury cheese board

5 pers
10 min

Create a festive luxury drinks board with Henri Willig's cheeses! The following cheeses were used for this cheese board: Green pesto - young cow cheese with green pesto, Goat gold - mature goat cheese, Tremendous truffle - young mature cow cheese with truffle. The goat cheese here is placed on a cheese curler that can be used to make beautiful cheese 'flowers'. The pineapple ginger dip is an ideal combination with this cheese. The green pesto and truffle cheese can be cut into dots and strips. Fill the board with the cheeses and alternate with fresh fruit and raw vegetables. Think apple, grapes, carrot and cucumber, for example. Finally, add fresh nuts, olives and crackers.  The result is a beautiful and tasty drinks board!

Cheese dessert by Henri Willig

4 pers
10 min

A cheese board for dessert, but with Dutch cheese! A super easy recipe. Cut the different cheeses into nice slices or strips and place them on the plate. Important is the order of the cheeses. Start with mild and finish with the strongest cheeses.  On these plates, the order is as follows:  - Young gouda, a soft creamy biscuit cheese  - Young sheep's cheese, also soft but with the special delicate flavour of sheep's milk - Aged goat's cheese, rich and full of flavour. Awarded the best hard goat's cheese in the world - Old cow's cheese, a deliciously piquant cow's cheese - Extra old goat cheese, a very deep and full-flavoured, crumbly goat cheese.  Lay these slices or strips neatly side by side on the plate and add a spoonful of the dip or syrup to the plate.  Also add a few pieces of the cracker and a handful of nuts. You eat these in between cheeses, for example. They can neutralise the taste buds neutralise them so that you taste each type of cheese taste good.  And that was it! In short, a super easy dessert but still very nice and tasty.