Discover the tastiest cheeses to go with your pasta!

By: Henri Willig
12 nov 2023
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Pasta and cheese are a match made in heaven. A good cheese can transform a simple pasta dish into a culinary masterpiece. At Henri Willig, you will find a wide selection of artisanal Dutch cheeses that can give your pasta that extra bit of flavour you are looking for.

Match cheese to pasta sauce

When choosing the right cheese for your pasta, it is important to consider the flavour of the sauce and the other ingredients. A strong, old cheese can be a good choice for a simple sauce, such as aglio e olio. In turn, a soft, young cheese is better suited to a creamy sauce, such as carbonara. So a light sauce also calls for a light cheese, a creamy sauce calls for a creamy cheese and a spicy sauce calls for a robust cheese. The texture of the cheese is also important. A hard cheese is a good choice for grated cheese, which you can sprinkle over your pasta. In turn, a soft cheese is better suited for in the sauce. Discover our favourite pasta cheese combinations:

1. Goat cheese - Extra Old

The ripening of this extra old goat cheese creates a powerful, characterful flavour. It is the perfect complement to a simple pasta aglio e olio, where the cheese nicely complements the subtle garlic and olive oil notes.

2. Cow's cheese - Extra Old

With a traditional flavour that has had time to mature, this extra old cow's cheese provides a solid, familiar base for many pasta dishes. Try it in a classic pasta carbonara and taste the difference.

3. Cow's cheese - Red Pesto

Henri Willig's red pesto cow's cheese is a cheerful and flavourful addition to any pasta salad. The sun-dried tomatoes and spicy herbs add a Mediterranean flair to your dish.

4. Sheep's cheese - Extra Old

This extra old sheep cheese has a deep, rich flavour that works wonders in a spicy pasta arrabbiata. The robust flavour of the cheese helps to balance the spiciness of the sauce.

5. Goat cheese - Lavender

For those looking for a unique taste experience, goat cheese with lavender is a surprising choice. The floral notes of lavender add a light, summery touch to your pasta.

6. Goat cheese - Truffle

The luxurious flavour of truffle combined with the soft goat cheese creates an elegant cheese that takes your pasta to the next level. This truffle goat cheese is the perfect choice for a romantic candlelit dinner.

Henri Willig cheese for pasta

At Henri Willig, we strive to provide the best cheeses for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a powerful old cheese or a soft young cheese, you will find the perfect cheese for your next pasta meal in our range. Discover the versatile world of cheese and pasta and be inspired by the unique flavour combinations possible!

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Red chicken pasta with cheese

4 pers

Preparation: Cut the leeks into half rings and wash them. Clean and roughly slice the shallots and dice the smoked chicken. Meanwhile, bring water to the boil and cook the pasta in it until tender. Heat the butter in a frying pan until golden brown, fry the leeks and shallots and let them stew gently until tender, then add the diced smoked chicken and let everything heat through. Drain the cooked pasta in a colander and remove the stewed leeks, shallots and chicken from the heat. In a bowl, mix the warm pasta, stewed shallots, leeks and chicken. Spoon the contents of Henri Willig Roasted Tomato over this and mix everything together. Serve the pasta on a platter and garnish with fresh herbs and grated Henri Willig cheese.

Making woolly cheese paste

4 pers
75 min

Preparation Peel and crush or slice the garlic. Cut the rind of the sheep's cheese with a sharp knife. Remove the rind from the cheese. Hollow out the sheep's cheese and save this hollowed-out cheese. Keep about half of these chunks of sheep's cheese for another time in, for example, a casserole, on a croissant or over tortillia chips. A la minute Melt with a gas burner (which you use, for example, for&creme brulee) the other half of the sheep's cheese crumbles into the cheese and deglaze it with a generous splash of cognac, flaming the cheese deliciously. Melt the mixture into a nice cheese sauce and melt the cheese generously: the melting cheese creates the amount of cheese sauce you want through the spaghetti. Add the garlic and the Henri Willig roasted tomato dip and stir well. Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti according to the instructions on the packet. Add the cooked spaghetti directly to the cheese sauce in the hollowed-out cheese and stir. Garnish with fresh sage. Side dish A delicious tomato salad with big cheese crumbles completes the dish. Tip You can use the hollowed-out cheese in several ways. If you want to give a good live spaghetti demonstration to your table mates, make it for yourself first: that way you'll get the hang of it. Scrape the cheese thoroughly and burn the cheese with the gas burner to remove all residues (hygiene and turnover of the cheese is important and determines its shelf life). After use, store the cheese in the fridge below 4 degrees Celsius. Restart the recipe when guests come to feast. The cheese is usable until the last crumb, in soup, appetisers or in cheese fondue.