Grilled sandwich with asparagus and asparagus cheese

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  • Young Cheese
  • 1 pers
  • 15 min


  • Henri Willig asparagus cheese
  • slices of (country) bread
  • boiled egg
  • cleaned green asparagus or asparagus tips

A tasty lunch that is also stylish and easy? We have one for you here!

Briefly fry or grill your asparagus with some oil on high heat in a frying pan or grill pan, 2-4 minutes is enough.

Meanwhile, boil the eggs.

Prepare your slices of bread and generously spread 2 slices with the asparagus cheese, then put the other slices of bread on top.

Remove the asparagus from the pan and then fry the sandwiches in the same pan until the cheese starts to melt.

Remove the sandwiches from the pan, place on a plate and garnish with the asparagus the boiled peeled eggs and some salt and pepper as desired.

For an extra explosion of asparagus and cheese, grate some extra cheese on top and your súperfect sandwich is ready!

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