Gift set Support Ukraine

To show our support for Ukraine, we have put together a special package in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. With the purchase of each Ukraine package, we donate €5 to Giro 555. Giro 555 is a Dutch organization dedicated to emergency relief and reconstruction in Ukraine.

The package contains the following cheeses:

  • Coconut cheese: soft cheese with a slightly nutty flavor and a refreshing coconut sweetness.
  • Cumin cheese: delicious Gouda cheese with cumin seeds.
Availability In stock Weight0.76 kg* FormBaby cheese (380gr)
* This is the original (manufacturing) weight of the cheese, but as the cheese matures it loses weight and becomes lighter.
(Including tax)
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Cheese inspiration recipes
Cheese inspiration recipes
Premium cheese from Holland
Premium cheese from Holland
Customers rate us with an average of 9.5
Customers rate us with an average of 9.5
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Young cheese
Baby cheese (380gr)
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