What is organic cheese and is it true that it is healthier?

By: Henri Willig
07 mrt 2024
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At Henri Willig, we have a passion for cheese of all shapes and sizes, including organic cheese. But what exactly is organic cheese, and is it actually healthier than non-organic cheese? In this article, we dive deeper into the world of organic cheese, its benefits and how it compares to regular cheese.

What is organic cheese?

Organic cheese is made from milk that comes from farms that work according to organic farming principles. This means that the animals are fed with organically grown feed and no artificial fertilisers or chemical pesticides are used on the land where the feed grows. Animal welfare is also paramount; antibiotics and hormones are a real no-go unless absolutely necessary for the animal's health. So the milk for organic cheese has to meet strict requirements before it can be processed into the cheese that eventually hits the shops.

Biodynamic cheese: one step further

Biodynamic cheese goes one step further than regular organic cheese. This cheese comes from farms that not only meet organic standards, but also work according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. This involves taking into account the cycles of nature and the cosmos and viewing the farm as a closed cycle in which everything is interconnected. Biodynamic cheese is thus the result of an even stricter and holistic approach to farming.

Is organic cheese healthier?

The question of whether organic cheese is healthier is not easy to answer with 'yes' or 'no'. What we do know is that organic cheese is free of artificial additives and pesticide residues, which is already an important consideration for many consumers. In addition, milk from animals that are raised naturally and eat feed free of chemicals can have a higher nutritional value. This can result in cheese that is richer in certain nutrients.

What is different about organic cheese?

Besides the way the milk is produced, the cheese-making process of organic cheese may also differ from that of conventional cheese. For instance, organic cheese production often uses vegetarian rennet and no artificial colourings or preservatives are added. This makes organic cheese not only a responsible choice, but also one that can be better for your health.

Henri Willig organic cheeses

Within our range, we celebrate the art of cheese making with our various organic cheeses. Among the options we offer are Organic Orange Clove cheese and Supreme Organic Cow Cheese. These organic cheeses are made with consideration for animals and nature, using milk from organically raised animals and no artificial additives. Explore all our organic cheeses for a complete overview and more details on these and other organic cheeses.

When to choose organic cheese?

Choosing organic cheese is a personal choice regarding a preference for natural products, animal welfare and the environment. Whether organic cheese is healthier, we cannot directly answer with a 'yes' or 'no'. What is certain is that organic cheese is a pure and authentic product that fits into a conscious lifestyle. At Henri Willig, we offer a wide range of organic cheeses, from young to old and from mild to spicy. So you can always find an organic cheese that suits your taste! Order cheese easily online via our webshop. 

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