30% f.i.d.m. or 48% f.i.d.m. cheese: what's the difference?

By: Henri Willig
05 jul 2024
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When choosing cheese, you often see terms like 30% f.i.d.m. and 48% f.i.d.m. on the packaging. But what is 30% f.i.d.m. cheese and what is 48% f.i.d.m. cheese? And what is the difference between 30% f.i.d.m. and 48% f.i.d.m. cheese? In this blog, we dive deeper into these questions and discuss the different types of cheeses Henri Willig offers.

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What does 30% f.i.d.m. cheese mean?

30% f.i.d.m. cheese means that the cheese contains 30% fat in dry matter. This means that the fat content is calculated on the dry mass of the cheese, without including the water content. So 30% f.i.d.m. cheese is lower in fat than 48% f.i.d.m. cheese, meaning it can be a healthier option for those watching their fat intake.

What does 48% f.i.d.m. cheese mean?

48% f.i.d.m. cheese means the cheese contains 48% fat in dry matter. This is a full, creamy cheese variety with a rich flavour. These cheeses have a higher fat content and therefore a more intense flavour and a softer texture.

Difference between 30% f.i.d.m. and 48% f.i.d.m. cheese

The biggest difference between 30% f.i.d.m. and 48% f.i.d.m. cheese is the fat content. This affects both the taste and texture of the cheese. 48% f.i.d.m. cheeses are creamier and have a fuller flavour, while 30% f.i.d.m. cheeses are lighter and contain less fat. This difference comes about during the production process, where the fat content of the milk is adjusted.

48% f.i.d.m. cheese uses whole milk, while 30% f.i.d.m. cheese uses skimmed or semi-skimmed milk. This gives 48% f.i.d.m. cheeses a richer and more pronounced flavour, while 30% f.i.d.m. cheeses have a lighter and milder taste.

Henri Willig cheeses

30% f.i.d.m. cheeses

  • Young cheese 30% f.i.d.m.: Mild and light in taste.
  • Matured cheese 30% f.i.d.m.: Slightly spicier than the young variety, but still light.

48% f.i.d.m. Henri Willig cheeses

Difference in taste and use

Flavour: As mentioned earlier, 48% f.i.d.m. cheeses have a fuller and richer taste thanks to the higher fat content. 30% f.i.d.m. cheeses, on the other hand, are milder and lighter.

Texture: 48% f.i.d.m. cheeses tend to be creamier and softer, while 30% f.i.d.m. cheeses are firmer.

Health: For people watching their fat intake, 30% f.i.d.m. cheese is a better choice as it contains less fat than 48% f.i.d.m. cheese.

Culinary uses: Both types of cheese can be used in different recipes, but because of their different textures and flavours, they may be better suited for different purposes. 48% f.i.d.m. cheese is ideal for dishes where a creamy, rich flavour is desired, such as in sauces and on bread. 30% f.i.d.m. cheese is better used in salads or as a lighter snack.

30+ or 48+ cheeses, Henri Willig for your cheese options!

Whether you choose 30% f.i.d.m. or 48% f.i.d.m. cheese depends on your personal preference and nutritional needs. Both types have their unique benefits and applications. At Henri Willig, you will find a wide range of 48% f.i.d.m. cheeses, so you can always find the perfect cheese for any occasion. Find out more about our cheeses and try the difference in cheese for yourself. So order cheese easily online via our webshop and discover your new favourite!

Frequently asked questions

Can you use 30+ and 48+ cheese for the same dishes?

Yes, you can use 30+ and 48+ cheese in many of the same dishes, but the results may be different. 48+ cheese gives a richer and creamier flavour, ideal for sauces and gratins. 30+ cheese is lighter and may be better for salads or as a less fatty option on bread.

What is the best way to store 30+ and 48+ cheese?

Both types of cheese are best stored in the fridge, wrapped in cheese or baking paper to avoid drying out. Place the cheese in the cheese compartment or an airtight container. Avoid plastic wrap as it can retain moisture and encourage mould.

What is the difference in calories between 30+ and 48+ cheese?

In general, 30+ cheese contains fewer calories than 48+ cheese because of its lower fat content. This makes 30+ cheese a better option for people watching their calorie intake. The exact caloric value can vary from one type of cheese to another, so it is always a good idea to check the label.

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