Valentine's Day


The way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach. Most people are familiar with this statement. As a matter of fact, this expression is found in several countries and languages. Nowadays you can get something anywhere or order it. But especially in these "fast times" when everyone is busy, it’s important to make a little time for each other. It's about that little bit of attention that you give to your significant other, and you can give that attention, for example, by preparing something tasty yourself.

Cheese brings people together

At the Henri Willig cheese factory, we have been making cheese with passion for many years. And it is Henri himself who started this passion passion for cheese making, together with his wife. A family business that is still run by the same family, together with a large group of employees who also love cheese. When you look at it this way, cheese literally brings a lot of people together. Like-minded people and enthusiasts. All of these people also have a passion or love for cheese. You can taste this passion in our products.

Red, the color of love

Take for example our red pesto cheese. The color of love! That's because of the sun-dried tomatoes that are incorporated into the pesto. Our red pesto cheese has a beautiful warm red color, because we use natural coloring exclusively. It is a young cheese and it therefore melts really well. Many a recipe has been devised with this cheese, also because it is surprisingly delicious. One of these recipes is this amazing hearty breakfast waffle! Discover the recipe!

Or how about the chili cheese? If you want a little heat, then such a chili cheese is always a good addition. It's a spicy cheese, but the burn comes a little later. So after the first bite, don’t say: 'I don't taste chili', because it will set your mouth alight if you’re not careful. In our stores, there's always an opportunity to taste our cheeses. We like to be welcoming at our stores and to pleasantly surprise people, but it has happened that someone was just a little over confident in tasting the chili cheese and later had to confess that you can indeed taste the chili!

Come visit our stores!

Of course, there are still so many flavors I could talk about for hours, along with anecdotes from visitors who come to taste our cheeses and are amazed by all the flavors we create with cheese. It is such a fun and versatile product! Speaking of our stores, have you ever visited one? Whether the answer is yes or no doesn't really matter. I would just like to say: feel invited to come by! Look, discover and taste. Be curious and be surprised by the knowledge of the staff in the stores. They can give good advice on nice flavor combinations

So who do you want to give some extra attention this Valentine's Day?

I hope we can inspire you to put some beautiful creations on the table!

And you can treat yourself with your creation while you’re at it. Two birds with one stone. Whether you are devouring special grilled cheese sandwich for two or enjoying a beautiful cheeseboard with several people, it all comes down to this:

Cheese brings people together.

Eva, on behalf of Henri Willig, The Cheese Family


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