Cheese dip Chef’s selection - Combination 3 flavours

3 very special cheese dips.

Roasted Tomato - Delicious fruit-sweet dip for old cheeses, such as our Old Sheep and Old Goat cheese. Can be served as a loose dip with your cheeseboard, or for example to make your old cheese sandwich extra tasty. Or try it with fried potatoes or rösti.

Jalapeño - Fruity, slightly spicy dip for our Gouda cheeses. Jalapeño is related to the sweet pepper and the cayenne pepper, and varies in sharpness from mild to very hot. This dip is not very sharp, but gives a kick. Especially very tasty with our Red Pesto cow cheese.

Plum Star Anise - This Chef's selection cheese dip is deliciously sweet and goes perfectly with our more mature cheeses. Star anise is a delicious spice that is mostly used in Indonesian and Chinese dishes. The flavor is warm and a bit licorice-like. It looks a bit like aniseed, but more powerful and slightly spicier. Combining this herb with plums creates a flavor combination that is often used in festive dishes. So it's perfect to serve with our exclusive Dutch cheeses.


Each jar of dip contains 50ml.

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Cheese inspiration recipes
Cheese inspiration recipes
Premium cheese from Holland
Premium cheese from Holland
Customers rate us with an average of 9.5
Customers rate us with an average of 9.5
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