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Bijzonder snelle levering, mooi verpakt, lekkere kaas

Gewoon weer een lekker kaasje

My wife likes it. She orders them always.

Unfortunately my package was send to another country and I still didn’t received it. It is a problem to get in contact via phone, no one answering, via email receipt of reply takes about 5 days(

Sampled this cheese on a recent trip to Amsterdam and was delighted to find I could order on line for Christmas.

My order came quickly and I know my friends and family will enjoy this Dutch treat

My only comment would be to suggest a sampler with smaller sized cheeses so it’s possible to give more flavor options to one person

Was in Amsterdam and Edam a few weeks ago. Went to the tasting tour and fell in love with these cheeses. They are so fresh. I am not able to each regular cheese any more without comparing ☺️ The only thing I need to mention is that it is very hard to have their cheese delivered to Puerto Rico. I would also add that it would be of great help if the nutritional values were also in English, that would greatly help having it delivered here. Thank you

Goed Gewoon

Gute Ware und sehr schnelle Lieferung

Seitdem ich die Produkte von Henri Willig zum ersten Mal in den Niederlanden probiert habe, bestelle ich sie oft zu mir nach Deutschland. Die Bestellung war immer super schnell bei mir und gut eingepackt, so dass auf dem Weg nichts beschädigt worden ist.

Lekker van smaak

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