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From our Sales Department in Heerenveen, our Account Managers are busy every day serving and expanding their national and international customer relationships. Our Dutch cheese specialities are distributed in this way to a wide variety of customers in more than 25 countries. Our people in the Sales office take care of the order processing and, together with Account management, serve the (international) customer. The Sales Department also develops numerous marketing activities and participates in national and international trade fairs to reach its customers.

We are used to listening to our customers. They are the link between our cheese-making process and the consumer. They provide important feedback on the success of our cheeses in the market and they sense what the cheese lover wants.

Our sales team and our R&D department support our buyers in order to seize new opportunities and possibilities in the market. Exchange of ideas can lead to development of new cheeses or improvement of existing cheeses. By order of and in consultation with our customer, we can develop a new recipe in test production. We can also actively think about marketing strategies to launch new cheeses successfully or to tap into new markets for existing cheeses.

The sales team and R&D department are also managed from within the organisation in order to keep innovating. The objective is to add several new types of cheese to the range every year. Every month, new market developments are discussed, new production methods analysed, the results of tests and studies reviewed and new ideas discussed. Based on our own development and together with our customers, we have now launched more than 50 cheese varieties.