Cheese Platters

Cheese board full of colour and home-made fig jam

4 pers
20 min

Thanks to @courgetticonfetti for this gorgeous board and the delicious recipe for the fig jam. Tip for your cheese board:  Cut all the cheeses into different shapes! This way it looks extra fun  Cheeses on the board: - Lavender goat cheese - beautiful color and very unique, special flavor - Red chili cheese - for when you like cheeses with a little bit of spice - Aged goat cheese - won the award for the world's tastiest aged goat cheese in 2016 - Green pesto cheese - soft and creamy cheese with a beautiful green color Use knives and planers to cut the cheese into the desired shapes.  Divide the cheeses on the board and garnish with vegetables, fruits and nuts.  Fig Jam Recipe: - Cut the fresh and dried figs into small pieces. - Put them in a small saucepan with a splash of water and a tablespoon of sweetener (steviala, honey or maple syrup). - Put the heat on high and let everything simmer for 5 minutes while you keep stirring. - Blend with your hand blender until you have a nice smooth fig jam! Serve this delicious jam with the cheeses and enjoy!

Colorful High Cheese Platter

4 pers
30 min

Tools needed: Board Knife Cocktail sticks   Preparation: De-crust the cheeses and cut the cheeses into wedges Cut fruit and vegetables into pieces/slices Decorate the cheese wedges with the fruit / vegetables Present decoratively on a board and use a cocktail stick where necessary   Make the number of each variation you need, for example 5.