Delicious cheeseboard with various Henri Willig cheeses

  • Cheese Platters
  • Young Cheese
    Old Cheese
  • 4 pers
  • 15 min


  • Cow cheese extra old - strong flavoured cow cheese
  • Goat young – soft in flavour
  • Pure gold - a matured cow's cheese specially selected by Wiebe Willig.
  • Cow cheese red pesto – a young cow cheese with red pesto
  • Cheese dip figs red port
  • Kletzen toast - crackers

Delicious platter with variety of Henri Willig cheeses 


Use a cheeseslicer to shave slices of the matured cow cheese and place them nicely spread out on the board.

Then place the other cheeses on the board, dividing them in several places. It is fun to cut the cheeses in different ways. For example strips, cubes, slices.

Place the toast on the board.

Cut the orange into slices and place them between the cheeses. Do the same with the apple pieces.

The end result is a tasty and beautiful cheese board!

Thanks to @_foodplaces_ for the pictures of this tasty cheese board!