Online Cheese Tasting Package with White Wine and Wheyzen beer

(only available in the Netherlands)

This cheese tasting package consists of a number of our exclusive cheeses, which will be delivered pre-cut. The package includes the traditional Gouda Jong, Gouda with herbs/garlic, Gouda Green pesto; all made with cow's milk, as well as a young goat's cheese. A cheese board naturally contains more than just cheese, so the package is amply filled with dips made by our chefs: honey mustard and fig/red port cheese dip. There are also cheese waffles and of course nuts. As an extra, we have included cheese spread with pico. And if you do not have a cheese board at home or at work, we have also included a bamboo cheese board.

For lovers of both beer and wine, we have supplemented this package with a white wine, namely Chardonnay, and a very special beer, namely Wheyzen beer. You will hear the story behind this beer during the online tasting. Both drinks have been selected for their ability to perfectly complement the taste of cheese.

In short, beautiful ingredients for a tasty online cheese tasting suitable for 2 persons.

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Cheese inspiration recipes
Cheese inspiration recipes
Premium cheese from Holland
Premium cheese from Holland
Customers rate us with an average of 9.5
Customers rate us with an average of 9.5
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Young cheese
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