Good employment practices

The growth Henri Willig has gone through since it was established is the result of the good interaction between its management and employees. We strive to strengthen each other and to continue growing with the same goal in mind. In this process we see an important task for the staff association and the employees’ council. The former as a social platform, the latter in providing important expertise, experience, opinions and ideas from a mutual commitment from within the various corporate areas of activity. With an open attitude we take this information on board as a valuable basis for our decision making process. An honest personnel policy, safe working conditions and fringe benefits further help putting our aim of wanting to be a good employer into practice.

Safety policy

The Henri Willig safety policy is aimed at providing a healthy work environment for our employees. The risk regarding activities and our production facility are documented in the SCC* certified occupational health and safety management system. It includes a CER plan and instructions on how to handle dangerous situations, physically strenuous work, accidents and sickness. By systematically working according to the safety principles described, we can effectively control risks and comply with all safety requirements. This helps us to further improve our occupational health and safety performance.