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What does the Henri Willig membership entail?

Henri Willig likes to stay in touch with its fans. By becoming a Henri Willig Cheese member, we can better advise you and reward you for your purchases. It works as follows: For every euro you spend in our shop or in one of our shops, you receive 7 points. As a new member you will receive a welcome voucher for € 10 discount on your next shop order.


Henri Willig reward system

With your points, you save for coupons, great gifts and discounts. On special occasions, we add extra coupons. You can redeem a coupon in one of our stores or in the webshop. Once you have reached a certain number of points, you can redeem a voucher for a coupon code. Once the voucher has been issued, it can be redeemed for 2 months.

So you can choose whether you want to use a coupon in the shop* or in the webshop. A coupon from the website contains a code that you can enter during check-out in the webshop. A coupon in the shop has a barcode that the store employee scans for you.

As a member you always receive a birthday gift from us. This birthday gift can be redeemed on your birthday and collected in the shop or you can use the code with your next order in the webshop.

Henri Willig reward system


There are 3 ways to register for Henri Willig membership

1) In the shop at the cash desk: After paying, leave your phone number at the pin terminal. Shortly afterwards you will receive a text message from Henri Willig with a link. Click on this link and register. We will immediately add your last order (from the shop) to your account, so you will immediately receive points. Do you also want to save points in the shop? Make sure you register with the same e-mail address you use (or will use) in the shop.

2) Via the QR code in the shop or ticket. After scanning the QR code you will enter our member registration page, where you can easily register. Do you also want to collect points in the webshop? Make sure you register with the same e-mail address you use (or will use) in the webshop.

3) Via the membership page on our website:You can also register without making a purchase. You will then already be a member. When you register, you must do this with the same e-mail address that you use (or will use) in the webshop. You will automatically earn points after a new purchase in the webshop.

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